Bougainville and Calamansi


Vivid colour of shocking pink Bougainville and blue sky. Took the picture using Sony pocket camera.


Another picture with coconut tree in the background. I like the shocking pink domination of this scene.


My Calamansi lemon pot. Look at its bright-brilliant-yellow colour in the green background. It is vivid, isn’t?


Have a closer look. Even more vivid! Calamansi lemon is not very popular in Bali. Although it can be grown quite easily here. It is tasted just like lemon-lime, but with much more beautiful colour. Posted to join the DP photo Challenge: Vivid

4 thoughts on “Bougainville and Calamansi

  1. I saw your title included “calamansi” and I clicked on your post, expecting you were a Filipino just like me. (Calamansi is very common in our country and we use it a lot in our dishes.) What a very pleasant surprise to find out you are Balinese. I had a lovely time in your island just a few weeks ago. All the best to you!

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    • When I bought this plant, the seller told me, it is kumquat thought I knew from the beginning, it is calamansi or lemon-cui. I have made a cake using the fruit. Thanks for your kind visit (both to my blog and Island). All the best for you, too!

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  2. How interesting about the calamansi — I grew up in the Philippines and simply love calamansi. Funny though, my sister bought one at a garden store in the East Coast of the U.S. and they told her it was “poisonous”. We laughed about it, as the garden store obviously did not know what it was. She puts it in her sun room in the winter, and tells me this year, outdoors for its second year, that it has dozens of fruit. We love calamansi juice in the Philippines, and thinking of it and seeing your photo makes my mouth water! 🙂


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