Meet our hero: DR. Warsito

So, my husband had got his 2nd bone scan and one day after (27th July 2016) we went to C-Care, Tangerang to meet DR. Warsito, an Indonesian (from Solo, Central Java exactly) scientist who invented ECCT (Electro Capacitive Cancer Therapy). My husband has used ECCT blanket for nine months (since October 2015). Actually, he got the blanket in June (2015), using it for two months (June to August 2015). Then, he suffered blood trouble, hospitalized and must be transfused for the lack of blood coagulant (September 2015), blamed the ECCT blanket for that, stopped using the blanket for a month, but in October 2015, the blood trouble came back and hospitalized again (also for the lack of blood coagulant). His blood trouble was not caused by ECCT blanket, it was caused by the cancer (advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bones). Then, it opened my husband’s heart door to ECCT blanket. Completely.


Some of ECCT tools: vest, shorts, and helmet. It can be made according to a person’s needs.

My husband had tried some alternative therapy since he was diagnosed with cancer (eating cassava, drink mistletoe tea, white turmeric tea, and Soursop leaves tea). However, it is quite difficult to eat a lot of cassava, moreover I could not find enough and new references of cassava can cure prostate cancer (from the internet), then, he stopped eating after 1 month trial. Meanwhile, the other ingredients (mistletoe, white turmeric and Soursop leaves) are very difficult to find in the land of Denpasar city. Since my husband’s cancer is already spread almost everywhere of his upper body (you can go to this post to see his bone scan), any therapy he will do should be easily got, practical to be used and don’t give any painful to his body. He is already in pain for cancer, why should we choose a or more methods to make it more painful? A good therapy should ease my husband pain, improve his life quality and has big possibility to clean my husband’s body from cancer cells. For those reason, right after he went back home from the hospital, he started to use the ECCT blanket and collar. Faithfully. Along with the other alternative therapy (Chinese herbal capsules 30/ day, pure carrot juice 5 cups/ day). He also have therapy hormonal (Tapros and Casodex, although I don’t really agree with the decision). But, my husband insisted to have it, in spite of the fact he felt fatigue and suffer light dizziness, having a fast decreasing PSA, gave him a certain satisfactory). Of course, any therapy will never work well without efforts and sacrifice and love (from family) and patience and faith. He changed his diet completely, becomes a vegan, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, brown rice, and drink soy milk. One thing he could not stop is fried peanuts, that in every meal he always added 1 tablespoon of garlicky fried peanuts.

Well…I have gone too far. What was my post’s actual topic? Right. About meeting DR. Warsito in C-Care, Tangerang.

The taxi hit the street around 06.30 WIB, early in the morning, as we didn’t want to face the busy and traffic jam of Jakarta city. We went to C-Care Riset Kanker, Tangerang, jl. Jalur Sutera Kavling Spektra 23BC No.10-12, Alam Sutera, Tangerang. From Sudirman street, Jakarta to C-Care needs about 45 minutes. The place was not opened yet, but a security was on duty. We had to wait before the official hour began, 08.00 WIB. Two other patients had arrived before us. I said to my husband, “I always thought that we will be the first arriving here, but we are not,” that he replied with “they are earlier to wake then us.” But, it doesn’t matter. We are already there, to have my husband’s ECCT blanket fixed, checked the other tools and hopefully to get an ECCT shorts. My husband was patient number 3.


Row of cancer survivors pictures.


Row of cancer survivors pictures with their medical data.

“Hello, bapak Anom. How are you?” A young physician greeted us cheerfully, “Observing your latest bone scan, it shows good improvement, except around the hips area. It seems, the ECCT blanket’s coverage was not maximal in that area. I’ll suggest an ECCT shorts to eradicate the cancer cells there.” Then, he told about the prostate size that has shrunk from 5,29 cm to 3,49 cm. Another significant improvement. My husband told him that he is also doing hormonal therapy, he replied with, “No way it can kill the cancer cells in your bone, it does decrease your PSA number. But, to kill the cancer cells in your bone? No way.” We already knew it. My husband asked him again, “What do you think, can I continue my hormonal therapy? He gave an answer my husband wanted, “Yes, you can.” That I didn’t like.

Then, my husband got himself measured for the shorts and we waited meanwhile they check and prepared the tools for him. We were waiting also for DR. Warsito as I had contacted him by WhatsApp couple weeks ago and made an appointment. My husband wanted to take a picture with DR. Warsito, his life hero and discussed one or two things about his cancers. We had no idea when he arrived in the office, as we already saw him talked to one of his patients in the fitting room, a woman who has got breast cancers. I usually saw him in the internet photos and he is just looked like as his patients describes in the internet’s articles. A friendly, warm-hearted and caring person. But, DR. Warsito is much more than that. He is an Indonesian scientist who invented ECCT (Electro Capacitive Cancer Therapy) in 2011, a method for treating cancer using low intensity and low frequency source. One of the prominent characteristics of cancer cell is its uncontrolled cell division, the ECCT is basically the technique to generate such electric field surround the cancer location and interfere the process of cell division and eventually destroy the cancer cells. Although DR. Warsito’s invention, has helped many, many people with cancers but on the other hand, it has triggered a controversial issues with the medical sectors. Even, the Health ministry of the Republic of Indonesia almost made his office closed until the Research and Technology Ministry defended and supported him. Also people with cancer who are survived because they use ECCT tools, they appealed to the Government to not close his office. So, now, C-Care should work hand in hand with the (only a few) hospitals to treat people with cancers.

“He is sitting there,” My husband told me. DR. Warsito was sitting behind the administration desk, so we were walking towards him and greeted him. My husband introduced himself and telling him about the improving condition. He checked my husband’s file from the computer, as we heard his soft voice and easy to be understood explanation. And I interrupted, “Can I take a photo?” He asked back, “What photo?” He didn’t realize how my husband really wanted to take a photo with him. “You, of course, with my husband.”


“Oh…OK.” Click. Nice photo. And very charming smile of DR. Warsito.

My husband asked again about the hormonal therapy, but this time he got the answer, “You can stop the hormonal therapy.” I like the answer. I never agree with my husband’s decision of doing this kind of therapy anyway.

We expressed our (very) thankfulness to him and went back to the hotel. My husband looked happy, he was given a new blanket, his collar was made bigger (so it doesn’t choke him anymore), new ECCT shorts, every tools has been checked and OK, last but not least, he has got also a nice photo with his hero, DR. Warsito.

Before I end my post, I want to tell you that I am not an expert in medical nor electrical engineering matters. I am only a wife of a man who has got advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. Whatever I have written in this post are based on my own idea, googling (using the term ‘research’ will be too dramatic), and experience. I am not in any intention of telling you that the other cancer therapies are not good. Life is about choosing. Every person with cancer can and should choose any cancer therapy he or she comforts to deal with.

6 thoughts on “Meet our hero: DR. Warsito

  1. Hi ma’am, my name is Ilham, a student from Malang, East Java. I was searching for information about Dr. Warsito’s cancer vest and how to get them until I ended up in you blog writing. I read from your post and it seems eventhough recent news that I also read said Dr. Warsito no longer make the vest, you can still get them and even receive a new one. You see, my female cousin is diagnosed with breast cancer since half a year ago. She had undergoes one operation before, but recently the cells appear to grow again. Her family can no longer afford the price for another operation and my father just asked me if I was able to get information about the cancer vest Dr. Warsito made. So if you have and able to give me the information needed to actually purchase and get the vest, can you send them to me through the email I provided? Here is the address
    Thank you beforehand, I really hope you can help my family and I also hope your husband’s health can get well very soon. ^_^


  2. Hi Bu Ida Ayu Indah. It’s such a great thing that I’ve found your blog. I’m a university student in the Netherlands. I’ve been studying strategic communication for innovation, and today I interest to write down my assignment with a topic of Dr Warsito’s invention and the government acceptance. Thank you for your writing anyway, it makes me crying in the library. Can I share your writing in my social media? Groeten uit Nederland…


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