Happily Ever After is Nonsense

“And they live happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?


Let me think first.

I read that line frequently in the fairy stories that are translated into bahasa Indonesia into mereka hidup bahagia selamanya. I did believed that line when I was a little girl. That after a long sleep of a hundred years, Sleeping Beauty is found by her Prince of Charming and they live happily ever after. Or after an uncertain searching for whose pair the glass shoe belonged, Cinderella and his Prince of Charming got marriage and live happily ever after. As if, that line indicate an ending of all confusions and troubles in our life. As if. That line does not exist in our real life. Probably that line occurs just because the authors wanted to mark the ending of their story. Since to tell the princess’ marriage story means starting a new story all over again. From the new beginning. That Cinderella found out her prince had got an amnesia since he did not remember her face from the night their first meet and had to make every single girl in his kingdom to try the left behind glass shoe.

Do I want to live happily ever after? Of course.

I am happy. I am not always happy (that is just very human, isn’t it?). But I am sure 100%, that I am happy with my life. How? Be grateful for every single and simple thing happens. I was happy wake up this morning and had the smell of petrichor (pleasant smell when the rain hit the earth). That petrichor in Balinese language is ngit. Right, we have also the term for the wonderful earthy smell. I am happy to read comments from my blogger friends and enjoy replying to them. I am happy to see the dogs welcome me home every day, whether from work or somewhere else. I am happy that they are happy to see me. When I am not happy, what would I do? I will just remind myself of those beautiful simple things and tell myself the line of live happily ever after is a nonsense idea covered in sweet words.

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5 thoughts on “Happily Ever After is Nonsense

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