My Bali morning


These pictures were taken awhile ago when Bali was still in the rain season. The rain has just stopped fallen when the sun rose. Somehow, it created a view I like, gloomy, calming and beautiful. As you see. So, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped some pictures.

Hugo (the dog) enjoyed himself walking around the wet garden.


Pictures were taken at home, using iPhone 5S.

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Details: pearly drops (shot with iPhone 5s)

Rain has fallen this morning. Washed the earth with freshness and left these beautiful pearl-like water drops around my garden.


Pearly drop in the tip of a banyan leaf.


Two pearly drops in the edge of pinkish frangipani petals.


A cluster of pearly drops on the surface of Euphorbia leaf.

Photos were taken using iPhone 5s.

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Spare time: catching fish by the seashore.

This morning, I and my family (minus my second daughter – Ami) went to Padanggalak beach. My first daughter is learning to ride motorbike, morning is a good time to do such activity, because there are not too many vehicles and people’s mental condition are more patient and calmer on the street, I think.


When we were doing our walk, I saw three men were doing their hobby, catching fish using a fishnet by the shore. I kept watching, intentionally stopped my exercise and let my husband and Andra walked through the stoned path. I praised their effort to catch some fish. The sea water was quite high these recent months, it has reached the stone piles in the beach.


I have noticed, out of the three men, the grey shirt was most enthusiast one. Believe me. I will show you later.


See? He was covered by the high waves when he was trying to throw his fishnet to the water.


He tried again. Prepared for the right moment. 1, wait, 2, wait, and go!


Right! Just like that! Every time I saw him got ready, I would get ready myself, too. Focusing to his movements  throwing the fishnet that I could snapped it at the same time its still in the middle of the air.




And again.

I love the way he threw the fishnet, it looked elegant and in a rhythm with the high waves. And I admire his enthusiasm, too. Just like the way we should live our life. Keep trying. Never give up!

He would never knew, meanwhile he had spent his spare time , I had also my own spare time by catching some of his pictures catching fish.

Photo taken using iPhone 5s and edited in iPhoto only (by enhancing it).

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Face of Rangda: the demon queen in Bali

These are surely not the real rangda. The set of pictures were scenes of preparing a friend’s costume in the street performance on the last Denpasar Festival.


If you asked me: is there a real rangda? Many Balinese people would say yes. I would say: probably. And I do not in any intention of meeting Rangda for real.


The rangda you see now, is a costume worn by a Junior High School student and he was assisted by his friend to make sure everything’s will look good and proper for the audiences.


A look of Rangda: very long spiky hair, bulging eyes, razor-like teeth and fangs, the tongue is depicted as blazing with fire out of her mouth. Her? Yes. Rangda is a female. Rangda in the old Javanese language means a widow. The Balinese folklore said that Rangda was Mahendradatta, a queen who was condemned and exiled by her husband (the King of Udayana, once ruled Bali around 10 AD) for practicing black magic.

Rangda = a fierce divorced woman who wanted to take revenge for the unjusticed life she had = demon queen.

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Balinese Young Artists

These pictures were taken on 31st December last year, on the closing ceremony of Denpasar Festival. As in Bali, almost every event is always completed with art and cultural performances. So does this annual event. About 100 students from around Denpasar city joined this festival. They should arrived in the spot (around Catur Muka statue), at least 3 hours before the ceremonial program started. And had to wait, sitting, on the street. Patiently.


My second daughter had also take part as ‘rubbish’ girl. She and friends reminded people of their aware to take environment cleanliness and use less plastic products. The event was begun at 5.00 pm, and those kids had prepared for the performances from11.00 am, put on the plastic bottle as hair ornament, wore the plastic bag dress, and smeared the face with dirt-like paint.


They waited patiently, almost no-complaining. Hey, they are only kids. Even, the adults would complain if they had to wait those long hours, sitting on the street.


The small musical artist with huge patience, wearing their unique head dress, that is in Bali, is called as udeng or destar.


This is the equipment of Barong dance that is worn by two dancers. And as you can see, the dancers probably took a rest and put down their equipment on the street.


Denpasar Festival, an annual event where I can see and admire the patience, true happiness and dedication to art. That is all shown by our next generation, the Balinese young artists.

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Future Balinese girls: my daughters


My first daughter Andra, on her elementary school graduation last year.


Which one is my daughter? The tallest girl in the crowd. She’s on her first year of Junior High School now. And she’s already 175 cm…

She wants to be a paediatrician.


My second daughter, Ami on her school dance performance. Performed one of modern choreography of Merak (Peacocok) dance.


Ami wants to be either a model or a dancer….

These pictures were taken using Sony pocket camera.

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Harmony: Balinese sampiyan


Last Saturday was my first daughter’s (Andra) otonan or her Balinese birthday which come once every 210 days, according to the Balinese calendar. Kind of a hectic week for me. I usually buy the banten (offerings) from one of my friend, since she was sick, I had to make and prepared the banten by myself. Actually, I can buy from other banten makers, but I want a complete and beautiful banten. Right. I am quite a demanding person for things like that. A set of Banten needs many parts, including sampiyan (made from young coconut leaves with different shapes and ornamentation with their own certain symbols). And I don’t like the not-neatly-nor-beautifully made sampiyan. So, I made it, although at the same week, I was assigned by my office to join the e-planning development program course for 7 days that finished at 5 pm everyday. I made the sampiyan since Wednesday night, sometimes up to 11 pm. Even in Friday night, I kept awake until 1 am because there were still a lot types of sampiyan had not finished yet. When all of them were made, I was satisfied to see my work, prepared night by night with my own hands. I rarely make sampiyan that is why some of my sampiyan were re-made. When I saw a finished result and not pleased, I would re-make another one or redecorated it. Saturday morning, I prepared the banten otonan and in the afternoon, finally, Andra could celebrate her Balinese birthday. In Bali, celebrate an otonan is not the same with the modern birthday. Celebrate otonan involves prayers and blessings, can be by their parents or grandparents. On her otonan, Andra was blessed by her father. And look those sampiyans, patiently made and hopefully create harmony in the eyes of the beholder.


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Morning in Bali

Once, the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru said poetically Bali as the Morning of the World, probably because of its genuine natural beauties. But, what is it like to see morning in Bali? When the sun ‘wakes’ and starts to rise bit by bit up to the sky.

Be my guests to enjoy the appearance golden brilliant circle out of the horizon until you can see its full circle in the sky.





Taking these pictures, required one important and not so easy to do: we have to wake up very early in the morning, weekend days. As my husband is getting better from his advanced prostate cancer, we always arrange some spare time to go to the Padanggalak beach. We are trying to catch up what we have missed the last 5 months.

However, waking up at 05.00 on Saturday morning and able to capture the morning sun above the wavy sea water really worth it.

These pictures were taken using Sony pocket camera and join the DPphotochallenge: Circle.

Sanur Beach from the 10th floor.


View of some boats, resting on the clear blue water with white sands of Sanur beach. Taken from Bali Hai Meeting Room, at the 10th floor  of Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel. A refreshing picture, unless you didn’t notice shadow of my fingers (with the pearl knobbed ring) near the raw of 4 boats on the water reflection  meanwhile taking picture used ipad2.

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