Balinese Sculpture for Dummies

Bali is famous with its beautiful artistic things. From traditional dances to unique wooden art. I take an example of Balinese art in the form of three dimensional representatives. Balinese sculpture or Ukiran Bali.


It is much easier to explain something complicated with visual help. Especially things that deals with arts. Like how to make sculptured wood decoration.


Firstly, By a pencil draw a pattern you like or if you are planning to sell it, suits that to your customer’s. The above pattern is called Sari/ flowers patra (English pattern = Balinese patra).


Get a position that comforts you. No matter whether it is on the floor, as long as you enjoy your working hours, you will create a wonderful piece.


Like this. A finish Sari sculpture.


Or this. Patra Dedari (Angels pattern). These sculptures are used for decorations to beautify shrine in temples.

Note: actually, all explanation above were told by the sculptor to me in my visit to Tista village, Karangasem regency. So, in this post, it is me the dummy. That I even took some photos as it would be easier to remember all the steps.

An almost late post to Daily Prompt: (Your Thing) for Dummies.


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