EF#21: Let’s Go to Puputan Badung Park


Write an information about tourist object under 100K (about US$ 10). I like this challenge and got this place right away in my head. It is called Puputan Badung park with its icon a monument of Denpasar people fight the Dutch. No heart feeling. Back in 1906, the Dutch ship had landed in Sanur beach and somehow had the thought they had the right to snatch Denpasar area. The intention triggered a fight  from the king of Denpasar and his people, called Puputan Badung, puputan is derived from the word of puput (means: finish) which means fight to defend the land until everybody is dead. Although the location of the fight was not in this park, it is about 100 metres to the north from this park. But, the government has chosen this location as a park to commemorate the brave fight as well as to provide a public facility for purposes, like sports, picnic or hang out with friends or family as people like the green and shadowy area of this park.

Next to Puputan Badung (in the east part) you can find Bali Museum that was built in 1910. Museum Bali is categorised as etnographic museum. It is suitable for you who love to know historical things and Bali civilization progress. Including the arts development of Bali. The entrance ticket? 5000K (right, it is about 5 cent) per person.

As you see in the above picture, Udayana is the name of street in the west side. The headquarter of military and mayor office are across the park. How the Balinese people respect their arts and culture can be seen from the Balinese letters carved in the wood. And also the big puppet shadow shown around the site.

In the west area of Puputan Badung, is jalan Gajah Mada (Gajah Mada st.) where the old shops of Denpasar located. What I meant by old shops, before the time of mall, shopping arcade or centre exist. Denpasar people would come to this complex for shopping or just jalan-jalan (have a walk) and window shopping from one shop to another. I remember, when I was young, whenever my parents said: ayo jalan-jalan (let’s go for a walk), I would wear my best dress and went along with them to jalan Gajah Mada. In the end of our jalan-jalan time, my mother would buy me slices of cake, usually put in a paper box and consisted of 2 cakes. I loved to see its colourful flowers made of buttercream. Really. I was more love to see the cakes than eat them. Price to this area? Free. You just have to walk a bit to reach this area, no taxi or bus needed.

How much actually you will spend to visit those places?

It depends. Where you stay. If you stay in Kuta area, the transportation fee will be more than 100K. So, I suggest you to stay at Bali Hotel. It is in the east part of Puputan Badung park. It is the first hotel built in Denpasar, even Bali. In 1920. Again. You just have to walk to the tourist objects.

How about food? At jalan Karna or Veteran,  in the east part of Bali Hotel, there are some small restaurants you can choose. Affordable price and tasted delicious. As your tourist object has spent 5000K (remember, you have paid the museum ticket), now your money left 95000K. You can buy a glass of orange juice (10.000K), and fried rice (15.000K). You still have 70.000K. You can use the money for buying souvenir for your friends or family, probably a piece of endek (Bali traditional woven cloth) at Satria market, a 10 minute walk to the east from Bali hotel.

I think, how much you will spend for your holiday depends on how smart you choose your tourist object. Don’t say something cheap if you decide to spend your stay at a five stars hotel. As long as you enjoy your trip, that’s enough to refresh your body and soul.

That’s my post to respond EF#21-Holiday Destination Under 100K You Must See.


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