Still keep our faith. Dealing with cancer (2). 


How long I haven’t seen you? My last post was November 2016. So. it was like five months and twenty years ago. Nothing much happened. My husband is still facing (struggling with) his prostate advanced cancer or I should say all of the family are all still facing (the impact of) the disease. Me as his wife and our two daughters. It almost 2 years after the doctors found my husband has got cancer and it has spread to his bone, probably also to his bone marrow as he had experienced blood problem in September and October 2015. It does hard. Cancer is not just weakening your body, it is eating also your mind. There were times when I saw my husband crying and whispered, ‘can I survive?’ which I replied ‘Yes. If you think you can, then you will.’ Am I lying? Of course not. Cancer is not identical with death. We cannot predict death. Even not the doctors. My husband still do all the herbal and alternative medicine. And he has stopped completely the hormonal therapy (Casodex pill and Tapros injection), after a serious debate with me. I saw him very weak, even he couldn’t went upstair to our house’s second floor, the way he walked like he would fell to the ground in any second. He even can’t go to work for 5 months, he felt so weak. It made me think, something has gone wrong here. So, we decided to stop the hormonal therapy. We will go for the herbal/natural (Chinese medicine that is made in Bandung, Indonesia) and alternative treatment for cancer only. He has stopped the hormonal therapy for 2 months, now. And I don’t think he missed the medicine.

There is something new to his food, for breakfast he has fruits and fruit juice only, at 12.00 or 1.00 pm he will have vegan lunch and a bowl of salad without any dressing, the same goes for his dinner. I visit often a Facebook Group called Food Combining Indonesia where I see many cancer survivors after they dedicated their way of eating (and life) by eating fresh food as much as possible. Fresh fruits (better what comes in season), fresh vegetables (I choose neutral and crunchy taste, like: Lettuce, Lollo Rossa, Romaine, Ruckola-I can’t say it has neutral taste, but my husband eat it anyway), Tomatoes, Cucumber and Beetroot. He eats them without any dressing, I have told you that? Sorry. I was just trying to emphasise how strong my husband’s effort to survive from cancer. He said, if they survive from cancer because they eat fresh food along with their (chosen) treatment, then I will eat it, too. Just FYI, he was a pure carnivore before the cancer was diagnosed and he has changed his way of eating into vegan for 2 years, including avoid sugar and refined flour). To support him that he doesn’t feel alone, I have become a vegetarian (not a Vegan, yet, because I still eat eggs here and there, like (in bread or cakes) for 6 months, now. And I follow the way eating of Food Combining, too. The bonus is I have lost 5 kgs! Not to mention that my skin looks clearer for the result of drinking carrot juice one glass every day.

Since, I always try to provide organic food to my husband (and family), I have my red rice sent from Jogjakarta as the store I used to visit has difficulties in providing the product we like. You know, last time I phoned the organic food store in Sanur, they told me that the farmers couldn’t harvest their product, it failed, thanks to the rainy season. So that, I decided to find another source and found that online order from Jogjakarta and sent the product by cargo can help our commitment to live a healthier life. Other than rice, I order Sago (palm starch) noodles, cassava (Mie Lethek) noodles and organic kecap (Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce). Meanwhile for the vegetables, I have just found a supplier that is located not so far from my office, her farm is in Plaga (Badung regency), about 16 kilometres from Denpasar city (where I live). I just have to WA her and ask what vegetable I want and the day after I can pick it up on my way home. Life. Is. Good. Isnt’t it?

What impact this brings to my husband? For a person with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bones, he still walks, eats with the palate/ sense of taste of normal people, takes a bath, by himself. Way you go, Mr. Husband. Keep your faith. I and our daughters will always support you to face your cancer, a disease that has made us even stronger not just as a person but also as a family.

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