Tipat Cantok (Balinese Rice Cake Salad). Vegan Recipe.


Tipat or ketupat (Indonesian language) is boiled rice cake and Cantok means to combine. This kind of food becomes a big hit in our family, to alternate the choice of vegan food we eat. Consists of tipat/ rice cake, fresh vegetable, fried tempe and tahu (firm tofu) with spicy grounded peanut dressing, and-I almost forgot- ended with sprinkled fried shallot on top. What’s can go wrong with that? I will let you digest my question in your brain, before you arrive in the respond of: nothing. Right. Nothing can go wrong with this delicious, healthy, homey and spicy-nutty local food. Where part of local? Bali. We are still talking in my area, Bali island, Indonesia.

For the main ingredient:

Tipat (rice cake) which I made of combination of brown-rice and mentik wangi (white rice that is organic and when cooked, it smelled so nice resembles to pandanus leaves), fried tempe and tahu (firm tofu) and fresh vegetable. Usually, they use boiled sprouted mung bean and fresh cucumber. But, I want to take the full benefit of enzyme from raw food, so I choose the kind of leafy vegetable, as it is not just healthier but also it will give the crunchy texture.

Peanut Dressing:

Toasted peanut and cashew (you can also deep fry them), fried garlic (or raw-your choice), bird eye chillies (we love it), brown sugar, salt, and kecap (Indonesian sweet, dark and thick soy sauce), some water and kaffir lime/ calamansi.

Grind the ingredient for peanut dressing except kecap and the lime. You can use a blender or food processor, but I prefer my stone ulekan (Indonesian pestle). Blender and pestle will surely give different texture to the dressing. Add some water into the thickness you desire. Add kecap.


Toss all main ingredient, squeeze some kaffir lime and combine (cantok) them all. Serve on a plate, sprinkle with fried shallot. My first daughter, loves a lot fried shallot to be sprinkled. And enjoy with crackers (first photo, showing crackers made of organic brown rice). It should use petis (shrimp paste), but I don’t. And it tastes all OK. My daughters who are not vegan as they still enjoy to be carnivore, but with Tipat Cantok, I can tell you, they will absolutely clean their plate without missing a bit of meat.

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