A Balinese Party!


Situation before a dinner party at a hotel in Nusa Dua area. Half circle stage with Balinese gate style and small traditional orchestra

I was throwing a party, for my bloggers friends which of course comes from around the globe, this party was a chance to promote Bali in a night. A chance of introducing our unique culture, arts, and cuisine. I surely held a party in Balinese theme, in airy location with a lot touch of our culture and arts. Started from the decoration, it would made from young coconut leaves (busung) and highlighted with colourful flowers that would represents the tropical-ness of Bali.


A party with Balinese traditional orchestra (sekaa gamelan) to entertain guests

I hired the best Balinese musicians and dancers to entertain my blogger friends with their arts, performing a Welcoming dance, since sometimes a Welcome speech was not good enough to express our hospitality. This Welcoming dance was accompanied by the energetic and dynamic sound of the sekaa gamelan (Bali traditional orchestra).

Food choices were various, from sweet to savoury of the Balinese traditional cuisine that had been selected to meet criteria of international events. Babi guling (suckling pork), be tutu (duck or chicken that has been roasted slowly for hours that even the bone would be tender), sate lilit (minced meat satay) and other exotic dishes that had been toned down to suit the international palate. For desserts, my guests would enjoy many kind of cakes made from glutinous rice, corn, sweet potato, and cassava, the local product in Bali. Brem, our traditional drinks made from the alcohol product of fermented glutinous rice was served all nights, pampered my guests with its honey-like taste.


A party in Balinese style will not complete without Balinese dance!

My guests took a lot of pictures of the dances and traditional orchestra and mingled with the beautiful dancers on the stage. In a friendly and vibrant party like that, it would be difficult to not enjoy my party. This one night party had made our existing online friendship even stronger.

Daily Prompt: It’s My Party

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