Making Canang Sari (a Flower Offering)


For me, making Canang Sari is an activity that will encourage our artistic side and creativity.

A few weeks ago the Balinese Hindus celebrated Galungan, the most important religious holiday. Many offerings were made. One of them is called Canang Sari, made from an arrangement of colourful flowers and busung (young coconut leaves).


The above picture shows the ingredients and tools needed to make uras, the natural ‘container’ for the flower. The small knife is used to cut and slice the leaves. Yes. Knife. Not scissor. Believe me, scissor will do different result. Semat to assemble the leaves. Made from thinly sliced bamboo. I am not sure either I have to classify semat into ingredients or tools….


Cut young coconut leaves and been assembled into a round shape by semat and…by patience, otherwise you will break the vulnerable leaves.


By pulling tips of leaves and insert it to the twirled centre, the young coconut leaves slowly had been transformed into uras, a bowl-like or container.


Decorate uras with colourful flowers in your liking and whatever flowers they have at the market ;). The Canang Sari is beautiful, isn’t it? Well…I don’t really have to say it.

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