Orange is Not a Popular Colour in Bali


Pelangkiran or the place dedicated to the pray of a certain God. This is a pelangkiran at my maca (mart and cafe) for the God of Sri Sedana (God of Prosperity) with orange colour dominant.

Actually, orange (Indonesian: oranye) is not a popular colour in Bali. That we do not have the original word/ term for orange in Balinese language. We refer orange as ‘tasak gedang’ or the colour of riped papaya. Gold (Balinese: mas) and yellow (Balinese: kuning) are more common in our language.

Like this, a photo taken of a harvested papaya from our garden.


Sliced papaya to reveal the colour of tasak gedang.


A photo of my first daughter, Andra and her favorite orange T-shirt. A few years ago when she was at her third grade.


Look! Seemed the snake wanted to take part with my daughter pose.

Posted to meet the DP Photo Challenge: Orange You Glad it’s Photo Challenge Time?

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