Traditional Balinese Cakes: Me Time


Today’s Prompt: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

My ideal Saturday morning is enjoy a cup of coffee with cream (instant package will be OK) and almost think of nothing. That I don’t have to do anything (read: make breakfast, feed the dogs, prepared to the office) in a rush. Just sitting in a chair and enjoy coffee sip by sip. Again. Almost think of nothing.

My coffee will be complete when some cakes are around. Traditional cakes is even better. The above picture is showing five of Balinese cakes selection: Kaliadrem (the brown triangle ones), you can visit my other post to know how to make it traditionally, Reta (glazed with sugar paste), Sirat (made by spread the liquid-like dough onto hot pan), dodol (chewy and sweet treats made from black or white glutinous rice flour) and kembang matahari (sun flower cake) that probably very similar to the fried Rosette cookies except that our cookies made from rice flour and coconut milk). Most of the traditional Balinese cakes are gluten-free, they are made from rice flour (black, glutinous, or white type).

This Saturday morning. Surely I do my routine, but without the Balinese cakes, as we usually have it after a festive or special religious day.

But. Still I enjoy me time on Saturday morning.


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