Our crystal anniversary.


Today, the 16th November is our Crystal Anniversary, the 15th years of marriage. This year is for the first time we celebrate the day. We never done it before. A month ago, our first daughter had a look to our wedding ceremony album and suddenly she said: Aji (father) and Ibu (mother), you should celebrate your wedding day. OK, we said. My husband told me to order a cake, but I thought it would be too ‘western style’, to make it Indonesian,  I suggested: I think I will order a Tumpeng Nasi Kuning (A cone shaped yellow rice dish). OK, my daughters said. As long as it is food. No problem. At all.

The philosophy of Tumpeng is related to the Indonesian geography with numerous mountains and volcanos. In the ancient Indonesian tradition, mountains were believed a holly place for the spirit of ancestors and gods. The cone-shaped rice symbolizes the holy mountain. The dish is made from turmeric coloured steamed rice that is surrounded with many kind of assorted Indonesian dishes, like fried chicken, perkedel kentang (potato cakes), sweet-spicy tempe, sayur urap (Indonesian vegetable salad), fried noodle, quail eggs, and more other delicious food like rendang. To make it even more beautiful, the dish was decorated with vegetables.

Fence is made from woven long beans, many flowers made from tomato, carrot, red chillies, and cucumbers. The dishes represents the numerous things our Mother Nature gives us with mountain as the centre from where the holly spirits and Gods gives us their blessing. Tumpeng is a symbol of gratitude as well as connection of Gods and human being. The tumpeng is put on tampah (woven bamboo container, covered with banana leaves). As you see, even the banana leave is shaped into artistic triangles.


15 years of marriage is still young. And we do hope, we will always stick together as family. Embrace the happy moments as well as endure the difficult times.

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My husband’s 2nd bone scan

I just got back from Jakarta yesterday, after spending 4 days accompanied my husband to have his 2nd bone scan test and got his ECCT blanket repaired. It is the month of July. Last year (2015), this month brought an ugly truth to us, we found the fact that my husband has got prostate cancer that has already spread to his bones: hips, back bones, ribs, shoulders, and his neck. Would the same month (of 2016) also bring inconvenient news to us? On 26th July 2016 we went to Rumah Sakit Pertamina Pusat at jalan Kyai Maja quite early in the morning as we didn’t want to face trouble with the busy and crowded streets of Jakarta city. We arrived in the hospital around 7 am and the medical nuclear installation was not opened yet.


Waiting for the bone scan

So we just put the Bali doctor’s referral at the registration desk and waited. At 08.00 am, they opened, after observed my husband’s documents, a doctor injected him with a tiny amount of radioactive substance. And we waited another two hours. At 10.00 am, my husband entered the test room and had his bone scanned. I felt a bit (only a bit) uneasy and nervous. What would the truth? Ugly or nice?

After the scanning, we waited another 30 minutes for the report and finally…the doctor called us.

“The test result is good”, she said cheerfully and added…”I’m happy to see such result. Look…” She opened the last year bone scan folder. “We can see black spots scattered around your bones, here, here, here…so many black spots.” And then she opened the new one. “This test has shown improvement, amazing one, some of the black spots were washed off, some are gone, although here (she pointed the hips area), it becomes thickened.” I became alerted. Thickened. Thickened. Why the other areas are improved and the hips area is thickened? The lady doctor read my face. As she said, “We should be thankful. Always be thankful. Bapak Anom, just keep doing your therapy, it has worked well with your body. Whatever it is the therapy.”


Last Bone Scan Result (2015)


New Bone Scan Result (2016)

Of course. I felt ashamed of myself. Be thankful.

On the way back to our hotel, my husband said: “I’m happy with result. After 9 months of effectively used ECCT blanket, it has proved that it works well with bone cancer, but probably I should be given ECCT shorts, too. So it can eradicate cancer in my hips more effectively”. I responded his words, “I know. I have the exact same idea with you. I hope tomorrow, after DR. Warsito in CCare see the new bone scan, he will give you ECCT shorts.”

At the hotel (the same hotel of last year). I opened my iPad, saw the pictures I took when my husband was hospitalized for blood trouble, when his PSA hit 1500-s, when a small wound in his upper lips keep bleeding and can only be stopped by blood transfusion up to 10 bags, when the doctor frantically told my husband to have chemotherapy (but we frantically refused it, too), when we did not really know what path we should choose to deal with my husband’s cancer. An advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bone. I took these pictures in October 2015.


Severely bruised because of the blood trouble


The bruises were around the upper and lower body

I will tell you again the alternative therapies for cancer my husband has done not because I want to promote sales any of the following items, it is purely just because I want to share my husband’s tough effort of dealing with his advanced cancer. My husband using ECCT blanket 8 hours/ day (he should have 2 days off, but he just skip it, so he uses it almost everyday), pure carrot juice 5 cups/ day, Chinese herbal capsules 30/ day, high dose of vitamin C for stamina (injected once a week by his niece). My husband who was a real carnivore and had a sweet tooth (he usually added 3 full tablespoons of sugars to a 250 ml of tea), since October 2015 becomes a vegan, avoids refined flour, preserved food and sugars. For almost a year now, he still does what he started 9 months ago and although it is not easy (well, what is easy when it comes with cancer?). But really, see my husband’s much improving health, it is impossible to not feel thankful.

The next post will be about our meeting with DR. Warsito, the Indonesian scientist who invented ECCT (Electro Capacitive Cancer Treatment) that can be used for cancer therapy and kill the cancer cell.

Life’s effort to confront cancer


My husband is walking the dog

~ Where there’s life there’s hope. Stephen Hawking ~.

“Guess what?” My husband welcomed me home with the question.

“What?” I just came from Gianyar regency to see my parents, went there with my oldest sister this afternoon.

“Guess how much is my PSA now”, his eyes were sparkling.

“Like a thousand and five hundreds?” I teased him, mentioned the result of last November (2015) that had hit the highest number of 1589,15. At that moment, his blood became very liquid (only small wound on his lips and the blood kept dripping for 10 days, so that he had to be tranfused with blood to provide haemoglobin and also fresh frozen plasma to help the blood coagulated .

“No! It is 7, 79!” Our second daughter announced and held the lab’s result paper up.

“Wow! That’s wonderful”, I said, looked at my husband. “Your effort is bringing very good outcome. Really. That’s wonderful”.

I admire and appreciate his persistence of dealing with his advanced prostate cancer that has spread to the bones. He still takes the Chinese herbal capsules of Chang Sheuw Tian Ran Ling Yao (30/ day), still drinking pure carrot juice, using DR. Warsito ECCT blanket, still a vegan, still not having any kind of white sugar, still not eating white or refined flour, no cigarettes and alcohol drinks at all (he was a smoker before he was diagnosed with cancer).


My husband and Hugo, the Siberian husky.

It is easy to tell a patient (read: my husband) what to eat and not to eat, the efforts to do it faithfully are in his own hands. How he changes his carnivore life-style into a vegan, face the reality that he is surrounded by 90% of meat-eating people, including his own family (I had stopped the consumption of red meat a year ago and more choosing fishes or tempe or tahu/ tofu), but still I eat meat. Once, in a family celebration (held at his brother’s house), there was no vegetable based food served on the table, all were meat: Babi Guling (Balinese suckling pig), Betutu Ayam (Balinese roasted chicken), fried fishes, Ares (soup made of young banana plant) but it was mixed with duck broth. He withdrew himself from the dining room and went to the kitchen, fortunately, he found mixed vegetable with shredded coconut there. He told me, if there were no vegetable, he would prefer not to eat than have to eat rice with meat. I-admire-and-appreciate-his-persistence.

Although the Bone Scan (last May/ 2016) has revealed no cancer found on his neck, shoulders, ribs and backbone (only around the pelvis area), but we want to make sure by having a second Bone Scan as comparison to the previous one. Since in Bali, there is no hospital with Bone Scan facility, we are planning to go to Jakarta, probably next month.


Husband, Hugo and Amy by the beach

The lab’s tests all reveals good result. How does my husband feel? He feels good. Last hospitalized was in October 2015 (second blood problem) and hope we don’t have to go back unless for lab’s test. He can do activities like healthy people do. Go to the office, take our daughters to the schools, fix the leaky balcony with the worker, wants snack (fruits, boiled corn/ cassava/ sweet potato or fried banana), and every weekend does his exercise, sometimes takes the dog, sometimes not.

We have dealt with the advanced prostate cancer for a year, now (diagnosed last June/ 2015) and we do hope, what we have chosen to confront the cancer are the right ways.

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Love talk: girl and bus analogy.


In one of our official trip to other province in Indonesia. There was a conversation in the car between my male co-worker with the young guide (a fresh graduate of Indonesia meteorology school who was on duty to accompany us).

Co-worker     : “How old are you?”

Guide             : “22 years old”.

Co-worker     : “That’s very young. Have got already a girl-friend?”

Guide             : “Not exactly. Still looking”.

And suddenly my co-worker becomes serious.

Co-worker     : “I’ll give you a story of a bus”.

Guide (including everybody in the car): “Bus?”

Co-worker     : “Right. Bus. You know, the public transportation…”

Guide (also including everybody in the car): “Oh, OK”.

Co-worker     : “Let’s assume that your life now as waiting for a bus to take you to your university. And you were having an important test. One bus was coming, it was a nice bus and clean. But you let it go, because you wanted an air-conditioned bus. Then, another bus arrived with air condition, again you didn’t take it, because you wanted a bus with entertaining facilities: like karaoke, TV and good sound system to come. But time kept ticking, and you kept waiting for your ‘dream’ bus to come and take you. Suddenly you remembered about your test schedule, no much time left. One bus then came, no AC, no entertaining facilities, the kind of bus that you would not choose at the first choice. But you just had to take the bus otherwise you would miss your important test. My moral story for you young man, don’t wait for your bus too long otherwise you will have to take a not so good one”.

The young guide grinned bewilderedly. But I was intrigued:

Me                   : “How old were when you got married?”

Co-worker     : “32 years. A little bit too late.”

It hit me in the head. I am a sensitive woman, when I heard a story I will compare it to my ‘own’ story. 32 years. And he said: a little bit too late. My husband married me in his 40. Did he marry me, because he felt it was a much, much, much late? That it made him just had to grab the bus (read: got married with me).

At home dinner, I told my husband the whole story and how my co-worker took an analogy of a girl with a bus, then asked him.

Me       : “You married me at your 40, were you waiting for the right bus?”

Husband       : “Of course”.

Me       : “What would you do if the ‘right’ bus didn’t come?” (I was wondering if he ‘picked’ me because he was loosing time.)

He replied: “I would rather missing the test and repeat the whole year”.

I smiled gleefully.

Good answer husband. Good answer.

Note: the Love Talk title refers to the love talk between me with my husband. Not the co-worker with the young guide or anybody else in the car.

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A brief of Bali Arts Festival Parade 2016

I have done my duty as the Master of Ceremony for the opening parade of Bali Arts Festival 2016. And also as the commentator with the other guys (Paul Suwardi: a Radio Announcer, Ida Bagus Purna: dalang/ master of Balinese drama dance theatre and Ketut Darya: also a dalang with a competency of ancient Bali language). Before I go further presents some photos I took yesterday, I want to give you a glimpse about Bali Arts Festival.

Introducing Bali Arts Festival cannot be separated from the figure of a great Balinese man: “Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra (late)”, as the idea resource, initiator, and the one who planned the Bali Arts Festival when he was the General Directour of Culture, Education and Cultural Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia. His idea then  alive in 1979 when he became the Governor of Bali in the first five years (1978-1983). Along the way to 2016, BAF has embraced the age of 38 years old, a full grown age as a program that is held every year. Every year, artists from any kind of arts kind can perform their masterpieces here. Meanwhile the parade is usually held in front of Bajra Sandhi Monument (near Puputan Margarana park, Renon, Denpasar), the whole program is held for the whole month in Art Centre of Denpasar. Bali Arts Festival is fully supported by the 8 regencies (Buleleng, Jembrana, Tabanan, Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem, Badung, Gianyar) and one city of Denpasar. Other provinces of Indonesia surely can join, too, even other foreign friends. Bali Arts Festival (BAF) as a major event of art and cultural element is organized every year at the time of school holiday from June to July.

For 2016, the selected theme is Karang Awak: “Loving Our Mother Land”. Karang awak is the tiny part of pertiwi (earth) element. Loving Our Mother Land becomes the identity that is described a Balinese. This character is needed to protect the Balinese culture. Bali Arts Festival Parade 2016 was opened officially by H.E. the President of the Republic of Indonesia, bapak Jokowi by sounding kul kul.

These photos were taken from the preparation to the after event. Some photos probably have inadequate quality as I took it from my small ‘stage’ as the Master of Ceremony and commentator, its roof and bamboo pole were ‘interrupted’ the view.


‘Sterilised’ street and surrounding. Few hours before the President of Indonesia arrived.


Detailed sculpture of Balinese gamelan (traditional music instrument).


My co-worker explained the escorted girl, what should do and shouldn’t during the official ceremony.


The dragon as the ‘holder’ of kulkul.




Another dragon. Most of Balinese ornaments usually have dragons. They just love it as a symbol of greatness and power.


Beautiful parade of Balinese traditional wedding dresses.


Gianyar regency dancers. On a floating car.


Intricated sculpture. also from Gianyar regency.


Balinese gamelan that was dominated with suling (flute).


Parade of gebogan on the head of ‘ibu-ibu’ (mothers) of Sanur area, Denpasar city.


Togetherness. Some were playing the music instruments. Others were keeping the stage going. Either by pulling it or pushing it.


Beautiful girls and handsome boy. Wearing traditional dress for religious ceremony. Wearing high heels and had to walk 1 kilometre and a half. Dedication. That was dedication.


It’s me! :).


Me and the other commentators.

These photos are only a tiny bit of the rich Balinese arts and cultures. A parade and also Bali Arts Festival is a showcase of the arts and cultural element Bali Island has as well as an effort to conserve and develop them. The artists and their groups are always selected carefully before they are given chances to perform in this major events. So, all performances must be gorgeous!

Dear friends, I invite you to come to Bali around June and July to see what arts and cultures we have around this island in the Arts Centre of Denpasar city. I assure you, if you love arts and cultures, then Bali Arts Festival is a place to have a jubilant time to enjoy it!

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You are fat, now (with three exclamations)

This is a prelude post about Endek: the Balinese woven cloth (which I have made a draft of it). Fashion side (what I have to wear) is not the only element I should prepare for the Bali Arts Festival 2016. I had done the translation of 45 pages of this annual event Guidance Book. And also…reducing some of my weight. Really.

In our first meeting for the parade preparation, once I entered the room, the coordinator for the parade looked at me as if I had offended him severely (we have not seen each other for a year, since the last BAF). You are fat, now! He exclaimed (in front of some other members of the parade committee). I was babbling, trying to defend myself, saying I am already 40 years old, it is normal if I put some weight. You are fat, now! He pronounced that again in case I didn’t hear it at the very first. OK. Do not worry, by the time of the opening ceremony, you’ll see I am slimmer. He still looked at me, unbelievably. After the meeting ended, and we walked to the parking lot, he chased me. Really, you are fat now. Please, make your body slimmer by the time of the opening ceremony. So, you will be prettier. Ha! I tried to make a joke. So, I am not pretty now? Not enough! He made the announcement ( if it was written, surely with three exclamations). Please, be slimmer. I tried to find excuses, but I realize that I can’t blame him, in Bali, people used to see petite and slim performers: dancers, singers, and other (on the stage) artists. Although I am a civil servant as I will stand on the stage to be a commentator, technically I will be a performer, too. So, I should be slim or at least slimmer than I was in the time the coordinator saw me. Moreover, deep down my heart, I knew I was fat, most of my clothes became too small for me, when I walk, some parts were jiggling (I don’t have to explain further, what parts).

Do you know, a situation when you put on a was once a big cloth, but then it fit your body? And you still eating everything you want just because you are in a big denial. So, the coordinator ‘announcement’ (short, clear, and painful enough to be taken) was a trigger to start my effort.


I cut back carbohydrate intake, drink juices, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. In my 40 years old, the fact to reduce weight is more difficult than 10 years ago. In the first three days, the struggling was real. In the morning, I drink mix pure juice of carrots, apple, lemon, and cucumber for breakfast, have a plate of fruits for snack and for lunch I eat normal portion of meal. In the afternoon, before 5 pm, I have my vegetable, if I really want rice (I loooove rice), I add 2 tablespoons of it onto the plate. Every time I want snack, I have papaya (it is delicious, cheap and easily enough to get) or pineapple (my favorite fruit). I walk in the treadmill three times a week, too. It has been two weeks of my effort to drop some ounces of excessive mass. Tonight (that explains the poor quality of the photo) I asked Andra (my first daughter) to take a photo of me, to be compared with the previous photo (before my diet). With a warning to her: take my photo, but don’t make me look fat.

I made a collage of the photos (so that it will be easier to compare). My husband said, you made it, see this one you look plump and this one you look (he stopped a while) and continued…not plump. I still have some days before 11the June 2106. Hope I can throw away another ounces of unnecessary fat from my body. Being slimmer is not the only purpose I have in mind, but also to be healthier.

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Learn to sew: making shorts

I am learning to sew. I want to do something that need concentration but still fun.  Doing something different from the office or house routine. Actually, I knew already the basic of sewing by hands since I was in my elementary school, my mother taught me to do so. She said, a woman should know some basic stitches, in case she has to fix ripped clothes or sew some loose button back to the shirt. And many decades later, I want to explore more the fun of sewing. I am not just sewing by hands, now, more advanced, using sewing machine (the automatic one). It was kind of intimidated, the sewing machine seller told me, it just like driving car, the more you push the pedal, the faster it will go. Easy, he said. He said. It’s different with the fact I faced.

In my first attempt of sewing project, I managed to make this simple skirt with elastic waist.  I started at 07.30 pm and finished at around 12.00 pm, including learning how to  overcast the fabric, confused what shoes I should use (I’m talking about the sewing machine use, not my shoes…), broke the machine’s needle, felt a bit panic, went to google how to replace it, then practiced that.  After the skirt was done, I realised it was just too short, so I added some centimetres of frills.  This skirt is for my second daughter, Ami. She said she wanted a nice flowery skirt.


My second attempt of sewing project is a simple shorts for my first daughter (Andra). I used one of her old shorts as the basic pattern.


That I made two mistakes. First, the waist measurement, I should have stretched the waist first, but I did not (obviously). When I had cut the fabric, I realized the waist would be too small for Andra.


Working in the family room, the table is usually used for eating (by one or two of the family members, because we just like it), working or blogging activity (because that is the actual purpose of this table), and now its function is added up: cutting and sewing table. By the way, the table was made by my husband a few years ago.


The cutting fabric with some rows of elephant. I and Andra went to the Market Clothes to find some nice but cheap one (I’m still learning to sew, no need of expensive fabric). She picked this fabric by herself. However, as the waist measurement was too small, I changed the plan, I cut again the waist, so it became wider, then I sew the fabric into shorts and put elastic into the waist’s hole.


Ha! The finished shorts. I haven’t told you my second mistake. The elephants. I had put the pattern in wrong direction on the fabric. That the elephants are upside down.


The shorts were still too small for Andra. So, again Ami got the shorts. She was quite happy and said this shorts were lovely, she did not care whether the elephants were upside down or not. It fit her and it was ibu’s handmade.
Anyway, I think, I like sewing.

Let’s hope, the elephants would not getting some headache.

Our Buddy: Hugo Bagus


This is Hugo, our handsome but selfish buddy. These pictures will show his attitude when its the time for bath. Once he saw me bringing his towel and shampoo, no matter what he is doing (whether taking a nap under the wooden divan or digging the garden’s soil), he would slide and squeezed himself beside the car. As far as impossible I could reach him.


Look. He was pretending not to see me. The best he could. Ignoring me, calling his name in soft flattering voice. Who’s the good dog? Hugo. Who’s the handsome dog? Hugo. Who’s our dearest buddy? Hugo. Actually, I was speaking in Balinese language during the moment, although my dog is a Siberian. I am a Balinese and I could not speak in Siberian language, that’s why.


His eyes. He detested me whole heartedly. Even more feel sorry that the act of bathing (a dog) ever existed in this world.


Finally, after poked him with a mop stick and dragged him out, I could bath him. And dried him. Then, he was chilling in the porch. Enjoyed the cool afternoon weather caressed his soft fur.


Hugo felt all fresh and smelled good. He does look handsome, doesn’t he? For the reason, we name him Hugo Bagus. Bagus in Balinese language means handsome.

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Let’s colour your life!

For three days, I and my family spent our long weekend in a villa that is located only half an hour (can be 20 minutes, if there is no traffic to force you slow down) from Denpasar city (where we live). Even, Sanur is actually part of Denpasar city! Giving ourselves a nice difference to the routine we have gone through in our daily life is actually the main purpose of booking this villa. When we keep doing the same activities, everyday, for weeks and months will surely make our own life becomes boring and dull. And becomes tourists in Bali-our own Island is an alternative to cheer our life’s journey. I have checked the definition of tourist in Oxford dictionary:

Tourist (noun): a person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure.

We did not travel to Sanur, we VISITted Sanur as a famous beach area for PLEASURE. Notice the capital letters as the clue that I think it is still fine to use the word of tourist to describe what we became in our last long weekend. Ha! I was only find excuses to dramatize our stay in Sanur.

We were welcomed by this tiny beautiful butterfly and flowers in the villa’s garden.


Swim! Playing in the water!




Took photos first before eating (that’s just the way thing works for my daughters, take picture, upload then eat).


Swim again! Or not…then, chilling on the water!


Eating grilled corn. By the poolside.


There are two bikes provided in the villa, as determined tourists, my daughters used it to explore the surrounding that in 5 minutes will take you the beach. The luscious green grass path and fence that can give you a feel of calming right away.


This photo is an additional information to my husband updated health (he has got advanced prostate cancer with metastases to his neck, shoulder, ribs, back and pelvis bone). He has changed his diet radically into vegan, avoid white sugar (even, most of all the time all kind of sugar), refined flour and preserved food. He still drinks pure carrot juice, the Chinese herbal medicine (Chang Seuw Tian Ran Ling Yauw), and using DR. Warsito ECCT blanket. He brought the blanket to the villa and keep drinking the carrot juice also. From our barbecue menu: bratwurst, prawns, chicken wings and corn, my husband just eat the corn. Being vegan is not just a diet, but a way of changing his way of life.


His PSA is now 27 and his bone survey has revealed no indication of cancer spread in neck, shoulder, ribs, back bones…only in his pelvis bones (the doctor seemed amazed and told him it’s such good improvement). My husband is never been hospitalised for 6 months (for blood transfused or anything else). We do feel grateful.

A can tell you, we are all fully recharged our battery in the villa. The swimming pool is gorgeous, the privacy is excellent, the breakfast is delicious (every day two staff comes and cook you breakfast from the listed menu and do cleaning for you for 2 hours), the environment is calming, as if you are not staying in the middle Denpasar crowded city. And what really impressed me is: its facilities are amazing, they provided all needs the guests possibly want: mosquito repellent, grilling tools, good connection of wifi, I even find out they provide spice collection for the guest, not just spices, but also, coconut oil, vinegar, flour, many kind of sauce including Indonesian keycap as well as (of course) set of dining utensils, in case you want to dig your hidden talent of become a professional chef.

My younger daughter told me: Ibu, their kitchen is more complete than yours. :).

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Me and my flip flops.

We are going to have long weekend, it is started from Thursday, 5th May 2016. Having 4 days of not worrying to wake up at 4 or 4.30 am and face my hectic life, is quite relieving. And as a very dedicated days off/ holidays fan, I have booked a villa to spend with my family long time before (since January…see how dedicated I am?). This villa is located in Sanur, only half an hour from Denpasar (where we live), my consideration of choosing this place, because we cannot left our pets behind, Hugo (the selfish Siberian husky) and Molly (the not sure what breed but cute enough dog), but I want to give chance for my daughters to refresh their battery by doing something different to our life routine. And the most important thing, the villa must have a swimming pool.

Some days prior, I went to find the exact location of it, that in the D-day, we do not have spend hours looking in the confusing street and lines of Sanur. After looking about 45 minutes (I am not good in finding address, although I have searched it before in google maps, and asked the direction to the villa management, but still…45 minutes is not something I can proud of), I found the location, its street name and number, no name or sign. So I entered the neatly cut grass path and parked my motorbike near a security spot inside. One security approached and looked at me. I was pretty sure with a look of combination: underestimation and disbelieve. The look was very possible caused by my looking: no make up, wearing pajamas-like pant, worn off jacket, flip flop (it was Crocs, still, flip flop is flip flop) and using motorbike.

Me: “I am Indah. I just want to make sure this is the villa location that I have rented. We will stay here, at villa S” (I’m not in any capacity of announcing the real villa’s name).

Security: “But, villa S are having guests.”

Me: “I just want to make sure this is the location, there is no name or other sign of this villa’s name outside.”

Security: “There are guests staying in the villa. It would be impossible for you to stay…”

I started to feel offended. May be because of the way he’s looking at me.

Me: “Listen, pak. I have booked the villa for three days, two nights. The guests are probably staying in the villa now. But, in the next two days, Thursday to Saturday, it will be me and my family. I am a Balinese, but I have paid the exact same money with those tourists to stay here. So, can you answer my very first question, is this the location of villa S?”

He attitude slowly shifted and responded me although still with a hint of doubt. “OK. I’ll take you to the villa, there are 12 villas in this complex, and villa S becomes one member of it. But, there are guests staying, so we cannot come inside”.

Me: “It’s OK. I was not asking to come inside, just to know the location of the villa. That was all”.

That incident made me wonder: is it me or the security who acted like a misbehaved idiot? I was only looking for an address so why would I dress like I would go to an official reception? He should not underestimate anybody for any reason (either because I am a Balinese or what I am wearing). Or probably it is just me who should not expect to be treated like wearing high heels when I am only wearing flip flops.

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