Love talk: girl and bus analogy.


In one of our official trip to other province in Indonesia. There was a conversation in the car between my male co-worker with the young guide (a fresh graduate of Indonesia meteorology school who was on duty to accompany us).

Co-worker     : “How old are you?”

Guide             : “22 years old”.

Co-worker     : “That’s very young. Have got already a girl-friend?”

Guide             : “Not exactly. Still looking”.

And suddenly my co-worker becomes serious.

Co-worker     : “I’ll give you a story of a bus”.

Guide (including everybody in the car): “Bus?”

Co-worker     : “Right. Bus. You know, the public transportation…”

Guide (also including everybody in the car): “Oh, OK”.

Co-worker     : “Let’s assume that your life now as waiting for a bus to take you to your university. And you were having an important test. One bus was coming, it was a nice bus and clean. But you let it go, because you wanted an air-conditioned bus. Then, another bus arrived with air condition, again you didn’t take it, because you wanted a bus with entertaining facilities: like karaoke, TV and good sound system to come. But time kept ticking, and you kept waiting for your ‘dream’ bus to come and take you. Suddenly you remembered about your test schedule, no much time left. One bus then came, no AC, no entertaining facilities, the kind of bus that you would not choose at the first choice. But you just had to take the bus otherwise you would miss your important test. My moral story for you young man, don’t wait for your bus too long otherwise you will have to take a not so good one”.

The young guide grinned bewilderedly. But I was intrigued:

Me                   : “How old were when you got married?”

Co-worker     : “32 years. A little bit too late.”

It hit me in the head. I am a sensitive woman, when I heard a story I will compare it to my ‘own’ story. 32 years. And he said: a little bit too late. My husband married me in his 40. Did he marry me, because he felt it was a much, much, much late? That it made him just had to grab the bus (read: got married with me).

At home dinner, I told my husband the whole story and how my co-worker took an analogy of a girl with a bus, then asked him.

Me       : “You married me at your 40, were you waiting for the right bus?”

Husband       : “Of course”.

Me       : “What would you do if the ‘right’ bus didn’t come?” (I was wondering if he ‘picked’ me because he was loosing time.)

He replied: “I would rather missing the test and repeat the whole year”.

I smiled gleefully.

Good answer husband. Good answer.

Note: the Love Talk title refers to the love talk between me with my husband. Not the co-worker with the young guide or anybody else in the car.

Posted to joint Daily Post Prompt: Understanding.


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