A brief of Bali Arts Festival Parade 2016

I have done my duty as the Master of Ceremony for the opening parade of Bali Arts Festival 2016. And also as the commentator with the other guys (Paul Suwardi: a Radio Announcer, Ida Bagus Purna: dalang/ master of Balinese drama dance theatre and Ketut Darya: also a dalang with a competency of ancient Bali language). Before I go further presents some photos I took yesterday, I want to give you a glimpse about Bali Arts Festival.

Introducing Bali Arts Festival cannot be separated from the figure of a great Balinese man: “Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra (late)”, as the idea resource, initiator, and the one who planned the Bali Arts Festival when he was the General Directour of Culture, Education and Cultural Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia. His idea then  alive in 1979 when he became the Governor of Bali in the first five years (1978-1983). Along the way to 2016, BAF has embraced the age of 38 years old, a full grown age as a program that is held every year. Every year, artists from any kind of arts kind can perform their masterpieces here. Meanwhile the parade is usually held in front of Bajra Sandhi Monument (near Puputan Margarana park, Renon, Denpasar), the whole program is held for the whole month in Art Centre of Denpasar. Bali Arts Festival is fully supported by the 8 regencies (Buleleng, Jembrana, Tabanan, Bangli, Klungkung, Karangasem, Badung, Gianyar) and one city of Denpasar. Other provinces of Indonesia surely can join, too, even other foreign friends. Bali Arts Festival (BAF) as a major event of art and cultural element is organized every year at the time of school holiday from June to July.

For 2016, the selected theme is Karang Awak: “Loving Our Mother Land”. Karang awak is the tiny part of pertiwi (earth) element. Loving Our Mother Land becomes the identity that is described a Balinese. This character is needed to protect the Balinese culture. Bali Arts Festival Parade 2016 was opened officially by H.E. the President of the Republic of Indonesia, bapak Jokowi by sounding kul kul.

These photos were taken from the preparation to the after event. Some photos probably have inadequate quality as I took it from my small ‘stage’ as the Master of Ceremony and commentator, its roof and bamboo pole were ‘interrupted’ the view.


‘Sterilised’ street and surrounding. Few hours before the President of Indonesia arrived.


Detailed sculpture of Balinese gamelan (traditional music instrument).


My co-worker explained the escorted girl, what should do and shouldn’t during the official ceremony.


The dragon as the ‘holder’ of kulkul.




Another dragon. Most of Balinese ornaments usually have dragons. They just love it as a symbol of greatness and power.


Beautiful parade of Balinese traditional wedding dresses.


Gianyar regency dancers. On a floating car.


Intricated sculpture. also from Gianyar regency.


Balinese gamelan that was dominated with suling (flute).


Parade of gebogan on the head of ‘ibu-ibu’ (mothers) of Sanur area, Denpasar city.


Togetherness. Some were playing the music instruments. Others were keeping the stage going. Either by pulling it or pushing it.


Beautiful girls and handsome boy. Wearing traditional dress for religious ceremony. Wearing high heels and had to walk 1 kilometre and a half. Dedication. That was dedication.


It’s me! :).


Me and the other commentators.

These photos are only a tiny bit of the rich Balinese arts and cultures. A parade and also Bali Arts Festival is a showcase of the arts and cultural element Bali Island has as well as an effort to conserve and develop them. The artists and their groups are always selected carefully before they are given chances to perform in this major events. So, all performances must be gorgeous!

Dear friends, I invite you to come to Bali around June and July to see what arts and cultures we have around this island in the Arts Centre of Denpasar city. I assure you, if you love arts and cultures, then Bali Arts Festival is a place to have a jubilant time to enjoy it!

Belated post to DP Photo Challenge: Jubilant!

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