You are fat, now (with three exclamations)

This is a prelude post about Endek: the Balinese woven cloth (which I have made a draft of it). Fashion side (what I have to wear) is not the only element I should prepare for the Bali Arts Festival 2016. I had done the translation of 45 pages of this annual event Guidance Book. And also…reducing some of my weight. Really.

In our first meeting for the parade preparation, once I entered the room, the coordinator for the parade looked at me as if I had offended him severely (we have not seen each other for a year, since the last BAF). You are fat, now! He exclaimed (in front of some other members of the parade committee). I was babbling, trying to defend myself, saying I am already 40 years old, it is normal if I put some weight. You are fat, now! He pronounced that again in case I didn’t hear it at the very first. OK. Do not worry, by the time of the opening ceremony, you’ll see I am slimmer. He still looked at me, unbelievably. After the meeting ended, and we walked to the parking lot, he chased me. Really, you are fat now. Please, make your body slimmer by the time of the opening ceremony. So, you will be prettier. Ha! I tried to make a joke. So, I am not pretty now? Not enough! He made the announcement ( if it was written, surely with three exclamations). Please, be slimmer. I tried to find excuses, but I realize that I can’t blame him, in Bali, people used to see petite and slim performers: dancers, singers, and other (on the stage) artists. Although I am a civil servant as I will stand on the stage to be a commentator, technically I will be a performer, too. So, I should be slim or at least slimmer than I was in the time the coordinator saw me. Moreover, deep down my heart, I knew I was fat, most of my clothes became too small for me, when I walk, some parts were jiggling (I don’t have to explain further, what parts).

Do you know, a situation when you put on a was once a big cloth, but then it fit your body? And you still eating everything you want just because you are in a big denial. So, the coordinator ‘announcement’ (short, clear, and painful enough to be taken) was a trigger to start my effort.


I cut back carbohydrate intake, drink juices, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. In my 40 years old, the fact to reduce weight is more difficult than 10 years ago. In the first three days, the struggling was real. In the morning, I drink mix pure juice of carrots, apple, lemon, and cucumber for breakfast, have a plate of fruits for snack and for lunch I eat normal portion of meal. In the afternoon, before 5 pm, I have my vegetable, if I really want rice (I loooove rice), I add 2 tablespoons of it onto the plate. Every time I want snack, I have papaya (it is delicious, cheap and easily enough to get) or pineapple (my favorite fruit). I walk in the treadmill three times a week, too. It has been two weeks of my effort to drop some ounces of excessive mass. Tonight (that explains the poor quality of the photo) I asked Andra (my first daughter) to take a photo of me, to be compared with the previous photo (before my diet). With a warning to her: take my photo, but don’t make me look fat.

I made a collage of the photos (so that it will be easier to compare). My husband said, you made it, see this one you look plump and this one you look (he stopped a while) and continued…not plump. I still have some days before 11the June 2106. Hope I can throw away another ounces of unnecessary fat from my body. Being slimmer is not the only purpose I have in mind, but also to be healthier.

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5 thoughts on “You are fat, now (with three exclamations)

    • I don’t know my body weight now. But, I’m happy that most of my clothes become (a bit) bigger for my body. For both of us, just keep going! In Indonesian language: semangat! 😀


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