Spare time: catching fish by the seashore.

This morning, I and my family (minus my second daughter – Ami) went to Padanggalak beach. My first daughter is learning to ride motorbike, morning is a good time to do such activity, because there are not too many vehicles and people’s mental condition are more patient and calmer on the street, I think.


When we were doing our walk, I saw three men were doing their hobby, catching fish using a fishnet by the shore. I kept watching, intentionally stopped my exercise and let my husband and Andra walked through the stoned path. I praised their effort to catch some fish. The sea water was quite high these recent months, it has reached the stone piles in the beach.


I have noticed, out of the three men, the grey shirt was most enthusiast one. Believe me. I will show you later.


See? He was covered by the high waves when he was trying to throw his fishnet to the water.


He tried again. Prepared for the right moment. 1, wait, 2, wait, and go!


Right! Just like that! Every time I saw him got ready, I would get ready myself, too. Focusing to his movements  throwing the fishnet that I could snapped it at the same time its still in the middle of the air.




And again.

I love the way he threw the fishnet, it looked elegant and in a rhythm with the high waves. And I admire his enthusiasm, too. Just like the way we should live our life. Keep trying. Never give up!

He would never knew, meanwhile he had spent his spare time , I had also my own spare time by catching some of his pictures catching fish.

Photo taken using iPhone 5s and edited in iPhoto only (by enhancing it).

Posted to DP Photo Challenge: Spare.


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