Our Buddy: Hugo Bagus


This is Hugo, our handsome but selfish buddy. These pictures will show his attitude when its the time for bath. Once he saw me bringing his towel and shampoo, no matter what he is doing (whether taking a nap under the wooden divan or digging the garden’s soil), he would slide and squeezed himself beside the car. As far as impossible I could reach him.


Look. He was pretending not to see me. The best he could. Ignoring me, calling his name in soft flattering voice. Who’s the good dog? Hugo. Who’s the handsome dog? Hugo. Who’s our dearest buddy? Hugo. Actually, I was speaking in Balinese language during the moment, although my dog is a Siberian. I am a Balinese and I could not speak in Siberian language, that’s why.


His eyes. He detested me whole heartedly. Even more feel sorry that the act of bathing (a dog) ever existed in this world.


Finally, after poked him with a mop stick and dragged him out, I could bath him. And dried him. Then, he was chilling in the porch. Enjoyed the cool afternoon weather caressed his soft fur.


Hugo felt all fresh and smelled good. He does look handsome, doesn’t he? For the reason, we name him Hugo Bagus. Bagus in Balinese language means handsome.

Belated post to DP Prompt: Buddy.

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