Face of Rangda: the demon queen in Bali

These are surely not the real rangda. The set of pictures were scenes of preparing a friend’s costume in the street performance on the last Denpasar Festival.


If you asked me: is there a real rangda? Many Balinese people would say yes. I would say: probably. And I do not in any intention of meeting Rangda for real.


The rangda you see now, is a costume worn by a Junior High School student and he was assisted by his friend to make sure everything’s will look good and proper for the audiences.


A look of Rangda: very long spiky hair, bulging eyes, razor-like teeth and fangs, the tongue is depicted as blazing with fire out of her mouth. Her? Yes. Rangda is a female. Rangda in the old Javanese language means a widow. The Balinese folklore said that Rangda was Mahendradatta, a queen who was condemned and exiled by her husband (the King of Udayana, once ruled Bali around 10 AD) for practicing black magic.

Rangda = a fierce divorced woman who wanted to take revenge for the unjusticed life she had = demon queen.

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