Let’s colour your life!

For three days, I and my family spent our long weekend in a villa that is located only half an hour (can be 20 minutes, if there is no traffic to force you slow down) from Denpasar city (where we live). Even, Sanur is actually part of Denpasar city! Giving ourselves a nice difference to the routine we have gone through in our daily life is actually the main purpose of booking this villa. When we keep doing the same activities, everyday, for weeks and months will surely make our own life becomes boring and dull. And becomes tourists in Bali-our own Island is an alternative to cheer our life’s journey. I have checked the definition of tourist in Oxford dictionary:

Tourist (noun): a person who is travelling or visiting a place for pleasure.

We did not travel to Sanur, we VISITted Sanur as a famous beach area for PLEASURE. Notice the capital letters as the clue that I think it is still fine to use the word of tourist to describe what we became in our last long weekend. Ha! I was only find excuses to dramatize our stay in Sanur.

We were welcomed by this tiny beautiful butterfly and flowers in the villa’s garden.


Swim! Playing in the water!




Took photos first before eating (that’s just the way thing works for my daughters, take picture, upload then eat).


Swim again! Or not…then, chilling on the water!


Eating grilled corn. By the poolside.


There are two bikes provided in the villa, as determined tourists, my daughters used it to explore the surrounding that in 5 minutes will take you the beach. The luscious green grass path and fence that can give you a feel of calming right away.


This photo is an additional information to my husband updated health (he has got advanced prostate cancer with metastases to his neck, shoulder, ribs, back and pelvis bone). He has changed his diet radically into vegan, avoid white sugar (even, most of all the time all kind of sugar), refined flour and preserved food. He still drinks pure carrot juice, the Chinese herbal medicine (Chang Seuw Tian Ran Ling Yauw), and using DR. Warsito ECCT blanket. He brought the blanket to the villa and keep drinking the carrot juice also. From our barbecue menu: bratwurst, prawns, chicken wings and corn, my husband just eat the corn. Being vegan is not just a diet, but a way of changing his way of life.


His PSA is now 27 and his bone survey has revealed no indication of cancer spread in neck, shoulder, ribs, back bones…only in his pelvis bones (the doctor seemed amazed and told him it’s such good improvement). My husband is never been hospitalised for 6 months (for blood transfused or anything else). We do feel grateful.

A can tell you, we are all fully recharged our battery in the villa. The swimming pool is gorgeous, the privacy is excellent, the breakfast is delicious (every day two staff comes and cook you breakfast from the listed menu and do cleaning for you for 2 hours), the environment is calming, as if you are not staying in the middle Denpasar crowded city. And what really impressed me is: its facilities are amazing, they provided all needs the guests possibly want: mosquito repellent, grilling tools, good connection of wifi, I even find out they provide spice collection for the guest, not just spices, but also, coconut oil, vinegar, flour, many kind of sauce including Indonesian keycap as well as (of course) set of dining utensils, in case you want to dig your hidden talent of become a professional chef.

My younger daughter told me: Ibu, their kitchen is more complete than yours. :).

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