Me and my flip flops.

We are going to have long weekend, it is started from Thursday, 5th May 2016. Having 4 days of not worrying to wake up at 4 or 4.30 am and face my hectic life, is quite relieving. And as a very dedicated days off/ holidays fan, I have booked a villa to spend with my family long time before (since January…see how dedicated I am?). This villa is located in Sanur, only half an hour from Denpasar (where we live), my consideration of choosing this place, because we cannot left our pets behind, Hugo (the selfish Siberian husky) and Molly (the not sure what breed but cute enough dog), but I want to give chance for my daughters to refresh their battery by doing something different to our life routine. And the most important thing, the villa must have a swimming pool.

Some days prior, I went to find the exact location of it, that in the D-day, we do not have spend hours looking in the confusing street and lines of Sanur. After looking about 45 minutes (I am not good in finding address, although I have searched it before in google maps, and asked the direction to the villa management, but still…45 minutes is not something I can proud of), I found the location, its street name and number, no name or sign. So I entered the neatly cut grass path and parked my motorbike near a security spot inside. One security approached and looked at me. I was pretty sure with a look of combination: underestimation and disbelieve. The look was very possible caused by my looking: no make up, wearing pajamas-like pant, worn off jacket, flip flop (it was Crocs, still, flip flop is flip flop) and using motorbike.

Me: “I am Indah. I just want to make sure this is the villa location that I have rented. We will stay here, at villa S” (I’m not in any capacity of announcing the real villa’s name).

Security: “But, villa S are having guests.”

Me: “I just want to make sure this is the location, there is no name or other sign of this villa’s name outside.”

Security: “There are guests staying in the villa. It would be impossible for you to stay…”

I started to feel offended. May be because of the way he’s looking at me.

Me: “Listen, pak. I have booked the villa for three days, two nights. The guests are probably staying in the villa now. But, in the next two days, Thursday to Saturday, it will be me and my family. I am a Balinese, but I have paid the exact same money with those tourists to stay here. So, can you answer my very first question, is this the location of villa S?”

He attitude slowly shifted and responded me although still with a hint of doubt. “OK. I’ll take you to the villa, there are 12 villas in this complex, and villa S becomes one member of it. But, there are guests staying, so we cannot come inside”.

Me: “It’s OK. I was not asking to come inside, just to know the location of the villa. That was all”.

That incident made me wonder: is it me or the security who acted like a misbehaved idiot? I was only looking for an address so why would I dress like I would go to an official reception? He should not underestimate anybody for any reason (either because I am a Balinese or what I am wearing). Or probably it is just me who should not expect to be treated like wearing high heels when I am only wearing flip flops.

Posted to DP Prompt: Disappointment.




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