Balinese Young Artists

These pictures were taken on 31st December last year, on the closing ceremony of Denpasar Festival. As in Bali, almost every event is always completed with art and cultural performances. So does this annual event. About 100 students from around Denpasar city joined this festival. They should arrived in the spot (around Catur Muka statue), at least 3 hours before the ceremonial program started. And had to wait, sitting, on the street. Patiently.


My second daughter had also take part as ‘rubbish’ girl. She and friends reminded people of their aware to take environment cleanliness and use less plastic products. The event was begun at 5.00 pm, and those kids had prepared for the performances from11.00 am, put on the plastic bottle as hair ornament, wore the plastic bag dress, and smeared the face with dirt-like paint.


They waited patiently, almost no-complaining. Hey, they are only kids. Even, the adults would complain if they had to wait those long hours, sitting on the street.


The small musical artist with huge patience, wearing their unique head dress, that is in Bali, is called as udeng or destar.


This is the equipment of Barong dance that is worn by two dancers. And as you can see, the dancers probably took a rest and put down their equipment on the street.


Denpasar Festival, an annual event where I can see and admire the patience, true happiness and dedication to art. That is all shown by our next generation, the Balinese young artists.

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