Nyepi day and the Body Shop’s nice offer

Hugo was not doing a self-introspection, only a play with himself moment.

Hugo was not doing a self-introspection on Nyepi afternoon, only a self-enjoyment.

I have got this text from the Body Shop on last 8th March: HAPPINESS ON 9! BUY 3 SAVE 50% utk Vit E Aqua Boost/Vit E Cool BB Cream/Aloe Protective Mask dan berbagai produk favorit lainnya. HANYA 9MAR16. TnC Apply.

I will render that Indonesian and English mix into an English translation, so, hopefully more people would get my blog post’s point: HAPPINESS ON 9! BUY 3 SAVE 50% for Vit E Aqua Boost/Vit E Cool BB Cream/Aloe Protective Mask and other favorite product. ONLY 9MAR16. TnC Apply.

What a nice offer. However…

I looked at my Balinese calendar, then the text, again to my Balinese calendar and concluded, there is something missing from the text: except Bali. It is true that on 9th March 2016 was a national holiday to respect the Balinese New Year (1938 Isaka warsa/ Saka year). However, in Bali, we were having Nyepi Day (a Silence Day) that is probably much different from other New Year Celebration. For 24 hours, starting from 06.00 am, we are doing four elements of tapa-brata (self-controls): Amati geni (no fire or any light aspect), Amati Lelungan (no travelling, even you should not go outside your house/ except for emergency situation like your wife is giving birth), Amati Lelanguan (not enjoy any kind of entertainment), and Amati Karya (no activities/ working). This routine has been done for hundred years and only made official in 2000-s. Even not a single plane can land in the International Airport of Ngurah Rai on the day, as they have already issued a Notam (Notice to Airmen) usually a week prior. All access to Bali is closed for 24 hours, including the harbours. No television stations are operated in Nyepi Day, also no radio stations. That is the day for the human do a self-introspection and our Mother Earth (at least Bali Island Mother Earth) takes a break from pollution and damaging activities human do for (only) 24 hours. On Nyepi day in 2013, BMKG (Bali Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics) did an Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Reduction, that was down to 33% (thirty three percent) of its normal/ usual days. This result is an ugly fact that human daily activities has caused the increasing of green house gas emission.

Only hospitals, police offices and other emergency institutions operates (they are not opened for public service. It is just in case).

Even if the Body Shop were offering us (their customers in Bali) a huge basket of product with 100% discount, nobody will come and get it. Because it is us, the people in Bali who should appreciate and respect our own wonderful cultural legacy.


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