Harmony: Balinese sampiyan


Last Saturday was my first daughter’s (Andra) otonan or her Balinese birthday which come once every 210 days, according to the Balinese calendar. Kind of a hectic week for me. I usually buy the banten (offerings) from one of my friend, since she was sick, I had to make and prepared the banten by myself. Actually, I can buy from other banten makers, but I want a complete and beautiful banten. Right. I am quite a demanding person for things like that. A set of Banten needs many parts, including sampiyan (made from young coconut leaves with different shapes and ornamentation with their own certain symbols). And I don’t like the not-neatly-nor-beautifully made sampiyan. So, I made it, although at the same week, I was assigned by my office to join the e-planning development program course for 7 days that finished at 5 pm everyday. I made the sampiyan since Wednesday night, sometimes up to 11 pm. Even in Friday night, I kept awake until 1 am because there were still a lot types of sampiyan had not finished yet. When all of them were made, I was satisfied to see my work, prepared night by night with my own hands. I rarely make sampiyan that is why some of my sampiyan were re-made. When I saw a finished result and not pleased, I would re-make another one or redecorated it. Saturday morning, I prepared the banten otonan and in the afternoon, finally, Andra could celebrate her Balinese birthday. In Bali, celebrate an otonan is not the same with the modern birthday. Celebrate otonan involves prayers and blessings, can be by their parents or grandparents. On her otonan, Andra was blessed by her father. And look those sampiyans, patiently made and hopefully create harmony in the eyes of the beholder.


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2 thoughts on “Harmony: Balinese sampiyan

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