Watch your food: surviving cancer.


Banana and sweet potato waffle

I’m hungry, said my husband this morning. I want some snack.

OK, I replied. Although it is not really OK in fact. My husband’s food nowadays are different than before (after we found out what not should and should be eaten by a person with cancer). Some months ago, I would just heat a sweet bread (sweeter is better) in the microwave, put on the plate and gave it to him. Now, it is not as simple as that. Sugar is one of the ‘should not’ to be eaten ingredients, along with meat, eggs, fishes, refined flour, processed food and white rice (a staple we really love with the bottom of our heart). So, I mixed 2 mashed overripe bananas with two tablespoons of (organic) whole wheat flour, 1 tablespoon of tapioca flour (to hold them together, as I was not using any eggs), a pinch of salt, and pour some coconut milk into the mixture. I heated the waffle iron up, poured the batter, cooked it a few minute for each side, placed the waffles onto a plate, drizzled it with date juice (not too much, just 1 teaspoon) and finally, my husband could have his snack. I also made some shredded sweet potato waffle. Another kitchen experiment. :).

My husband routine through the day is still the same: pure carrot juice (if you want to know further about the miracle of carrot juice, you can read about Ann Cameron, a cancer survivor by drinking only carrot juice), Chang Seuw (herbal Chinese medicine made in Bandung, West Java-Indonesia), mistletoe tea and ECCT (Electro Capasitive Cancer Treatment) blanket of DR. Warsito. My husband keep using this blanket faithfully, in the hope it will eradicate his cancer that has spread to the bones, back bones, ribs, pelvic bones (as I have written in my former post, the bone scan result was multiple metastatic to the bones).

We have decided to stop the hormonal therapy (Casodex pill) since 17th January because he kept telling me that he felt dizzy, fatigue and uncomfortable (like, very uncomfortable). First, he refused it. But, I did insist him to stop taking the little tiny pill. What if my PSA rise? He began to make enquires which I countered with: do you want your PSA to keep down and feel very fatigue? And don’t forget the side effect which were not told by the haematologist, like: osteoporosis, risk of earlier heart attack, depression, and memory problem. Why would we really care about downing the PSA? What is more important, you feel better or having decreasing PSA but your health becomes worse?

Yesterday, he has got his PSA checked and as it can be predicted, the PSA rose to 57, from 44, but why would we worry? My husband never complained about feeling very fatigue nor very dizzy. His track in Padang Galak beach becomes longer, and today because it was raining, he replaced his exercise in the beach by walking on treadmill for 30 minutes.

Sometimes, when he needed some reassuring words from me, he would ask me: will I cure from cancer? That I will reply: you will. You haven’t been hospitalised since November for any reason (for your info: last September and October, my husband was hospitalised for blood problem-lack of frozen plasma and must be given FFP-Fresh Frozen Plasma transfusion up to 10 packets). That is the most significant fact that we are in the right path to cure your advanced prostate cancer.

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Note: since I am not an expert of cancer and having a husband with advanced prostate cancer, I have to read, ask people (cancer survivor most of them) and learn as much as I can about this tricky disease. On Prostate Cancer and PSA, I have read the blog of Tanya Harter Pierce and think what she said is logically true.

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