Blooming hope. Surviving cancer


When we are doing something different than usual for something as crucial as fighting advanced prostate cancer, it can lead to faithful thought or skeptical. It depends to whom I talk to. But I can tell, 75% are skeptical to this no-chemo, no-radiation treatment for my husband will work well. The other 25% are included me myself, of course my husband and other dear family and friends. For me, I really don’t care for the other 75%. We have our own consideration to do so, my husband still have the herbal Chinese capsule (10 x 3 times), mistletoe tea (a cup x 2 times), pure carrot juice (5 cups), apple stem cell powder (one sachet x 2 times), Casodex 50 mg and using ECCT blanket of DR. Warsito 4-6 hours for everyday. Meanwhile, weekly treatment is Vit C + collagen injection (prescribed by his brother-doctor and injected by his niece-nurse), and monthly treatment is hormonal therapy injection (Lasodex) but since this month, Lasodex is replaced with Tapros, and changed from monthly to once in three months injection by the hematologist. And he still does not eat meat, eggs, seafood (including no fishes), only firm tofu, tempe (soy bean cake), a lot of vegetable, no regular white flour, and stop white sugar consumption. The bonus is, even our daughters will be glad to stop drinking any kind of sweet soda drinks and eat brown rice for their meal (or may be as they cannot find other type of rice in the kitchen).

Sometimes, there are times when my husband shifted from faithful to be skeptical and asking me while he is drinking the carrot juice: will this juice cure my cancer? It will, just keep drinking it and doing what we have done so far, I replied. Probably, a way too optimistic, but seeing my husband’s health becomes the reason I am a way too optimistic. I had seen my husband’s left hand was trembling while holding a glass. However, his hand is not trembling anymore when he hold the glass or anything. Additionally, he has been back to work, fixes some broken things (garden lamp or climb the roof to plaster the leak) and do some light walking on the treadmill.

Our hope is blooming, like the frangipani flowers in our garden. I know, my husband is still far from becomes a cancer survivor, but he has his own positive progress in spite of the fact that his skin looks orange because of the beta carotene loaded vegetable (read: carrot). He once said to me: Look, I become orange. Me: It’s ok, orange looks good on me.


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