My husband. His cancer. And being a vegan.


Denpasar city had been burned by the (loooong) hot and dry season, then finally this afternoon, rain came, pour onto the earth, sending coolness and life back to all living things. Really. It was sizzling hot for months in Denpasar, that plants started to let their leaves fell and my dog soaked his two front feet into the ponds more than usually in a day. But, rain has also brought the ugly truth to us, leaky house’s roof, in the living room, up my books collection shelf, and the main bedroom. So this afternoon, we have spent a not very ideal rainy time by cleaning the floor, put old newspaper around to absorb the wetness and make…(no, not a cup of warm tea or coffee), a glass of pure carrot juice for my husband and carrot and apel Manalagi (kind of Indonesian sour apple) plus lemon for myself.
Right. Juicing has become our new daily routine, especially for my husband who has got prostate cancer stadium 3 (or 4?).

Last month, as my husband began his hormonal therapy (Lazodex 3,6 and Casodex 50 mg). We understand hormonal therapy is used for the incurable prostate cancer and the hematologist said it can extend someone’s life with advanced prostate cancer from 2 years to 5 years. That was a doctor’s prognosis, right? He speaks based on his data or other doctors’ data. What if my husband does other than the conventional cancer treatment? We never knew, unless we give it a shot. Moreover, life and death are God’s command, we, human just have to do the right choice in our life.

My husband got his PSA checked (31st November 2015) and the number hit 1589,15! For your information, a normal male’s PSA is only 4. He looked upset and asked me (more because of confusion): what medicine (and supplement) has caused this? I replied slowly: you have only Chang Seuw (the Chinese herbal medicine), hormone tablet (for one week), broccoli and tomato juice and other vitamin and antioxidants and use the ECCT blanket of DR. Warsito. I don’t think they have caused that PSA result. Don’t you think, it happened because you still eat what you should not? My husband eyes rolled: what? I remind him: you know, meat…do you remember the cancer survivor we have met at Pertamina hospital in Jakarta? The lady has told you to be a vegetarian. And the Chinese medicine also has the same instruction: stop all meat, fishes, seafood and eggs during the medication. But you still eat free-range chicken, fishes and organic eggs. Why don’t you tried to be a vegan and feel the difference. If it brings nothing good, then you just have to be back to your old diet.

So, my husband has already a vegan for a month now. No meat. No fish or seafood. No eggs. At all. Only tahu (firm tofu), sometimes tempe (soybean cake), brown rice and vegetables. As he does not like raw vegetables, he eats cooked one like Sayur Urap (traditional Indonesian mixed vegetables-salad-like) or Serombotan (Balinese mixed vegetables-salad-like), both vegetables are cooked and topped with spicy grated coconut. And cut off white sugar intake, only organic palm sugar (gula aren in Indonesia) very occasionally. How he feels? He feels great, no bruised-like skin, no blood trouble as the last two months. Furthermore, since three weeks ago, he has started carrot juice therapy as I found the information at
I know nothing about cancer. And my husband got cancer. I have to enrich myself with cancer information as comprehensive as I can. From whom? Those who have survived from the disease, what kind of therapy and treatment they have done. As far as my limited brain capacity can digest, from Chris’ blog, I read that most of the survivors have changed their diet radically, eat raw salad, organic based plant food and juicing.
Latest information: my husband has done a PSA test (6th December 2015) and the result was (very) relieving, 112!! Even the doctor said, it was a fantastic result. His PSA was decreasing drastically. From 1589,15 to 112,67 as well as his blood test that also revealed a ‘normal’ condition.

I have to make some things clearly informed in this post. My husband has taken some medicine, both from the doctor (hormonal therapy, Zoladex 3,6 and Casodex 50 mg) and herbal ones: Chang Seuw Tian Ran Ling Yauw capsule (Chinese medicine to help eradicating cancer cell that is made in Bandung, West Java), benalu (kind of mistletoe) tea, white turmeric tea, and use DR. Warsito ECCT blanket 4 hours/ day. However, since I have got information about the power of carrot juice, we stopped the 2x/ day white turmeric tea and replaced it with 5x pure carrot juice (each 250 ml/ cup). I am sure, becomes a Vegan and juicing has helped my husband much in fighting his metastatic prostate cancer. Notice that I began to use the verb of fight, not deal as I usually wrote in my previous posts. My husband does not do any surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. Even, not do any biopsy, we made the conclusion of his metastatic prostate cancer stadium from the Bone Scan Result that was done at Pertamina Hospital, Jakarta and PSA test (321,86 in June) that kept rocketing month by month up to 1589,15 (in last November). It can be Stadium 3 or even 4 that the Bone Scan Result said multiple metastases to the bones. But, this month (early December), the result dropped down to 112,67. I believe that our God has lead my husband and I to walk in the right path of fighting my husband metastatic prostate cancer.

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