Keep your faith. You must do.


Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies ~Mother Teresa~

I have been drafting of this blog’s post for a while. But, sometimes, when my mind is full of other things, it is difficult to even write some simple words.

So. In my ‘calming’ days, I will sit down and blogging. A simple activity that keep my feet on the ground.

A few weeks ago, my husband was hospitalized. Again. His blood cannot coagulate, it becomes so ‘liquid’ that even a small wound on his upper lip made his blood kept running. The hematologist told, that because of his cancer cell. He explained when the cancer grows, it produces something that influences my husband blood condition. A stadium 3B of cancer can result a (or more) not so very nice effects.

So, we spent 5 days in hospital, waiting for the FFP (Frozen Fresh Plasma) from Bali Red Cross. My husband’s blood is AB. A rare and more difficult to be collected as there are not many donors of AB type. And he needed 10 bags of FFP. In the first night, it was Friday, my husband got 3 bags of plasma, the blood was still running. Then, we waited from the other 7 to come. On Saturday, the Red Cross informed the hospital they got only 1 bag of AB left. Meanwhile the hematologist said 1 bag would be useless, at least 3 bags should be transfused to make it work. So. We waited. Sunday. Still 1. Monday. The same. Tuesday. Nothing happened. The hospital management told us, there was a synthesized plasma to replace the fresh one. On Tuesday it cost 6,5 million rupiahs (about US$ 433) per bottle (20 cc). I said OK and signed a bill. But, on Wednesday, it raised into 7 million rupiahs (about US $ 466). They said, yesterday price was from the pharmacy, meanwhile the ‘now’ price was from the distributor, moreover, that morning at 08.00 the hospital said according to Bali Red Cross information, the supply was still only 1. Again I said OK and signed a new bill. At a time like that. Seeing my husband kept spitting blood and couldn’t sleep well at night. What would I do? So, the synthesized plasma was transfused at around 11, once it was finished, the nurse came and told us, 6 bags of FFP were ready. Wow. That’s a miracle. In just a few hours, 6 bags of FFP were suddenly ready and could be picked up from the Red Cross. Some minutes later, my husband’s older brother who is a doctor called and told that he had called his ‘connection’ (also a doctor) at the Red Cross and asked why his brother hadn’t got any FFP for days. His friend said, the hospital didn’t pick them up. Meanwhile, the hospital said, it was the Red Cross that kept saying there were only 1 bag supplied. In the end of their phone call, my brother in law concluded that situation as: anggon gae (a Balinese saying that they make our difficult situation as their own benefit). Finally, after got 9 FFP bags and 1 bottle, my husband stopped bleeding and one day after we went home.

And now, my husband is treated at home. Using the ECCT blanket again. Clearly when his stamina dropped (two months ago), it was not because DR. Warsito ECCT blanket. It was caused by vitamin and nutrition deficiency. He also still takes the Chang Seuw Chinese capsules, and has started hormonal therapy (both injected and pill intake, prescribed by the hematologist), those are the main actors of our effort to cure my husband’s prostate cancer and we have some supporting actors, such as boiled white curcuma, fruit-vegetable (broccoli, carrot, tomato and other seasonal fruit) pure juice, and apple stem cells supplement. Before, he still ate free range chicken and fish, recently, he had already cut off all kind of meat and eat only vegetable, tempe and tofu.

My husband is a lot more relax to face his cancer. I think, that is good. Stress and depression is a BIG NO for cancer or any kind of disease, as it will consummate our energy and make the illness worse. He used the ECCT blanket without worry, takes and drinks medicine from both and herbal kind easily and tried to be a vegetarian (that probably the toughest thing to do). Although he still can’t go to the office, easily becomes tired and can’t sit for too long, but he can do the daily canang sari offering, that involving some walk around the temple, in house and our yard. For someone with a stadium 3 of prostate cancer. That is very not so bad. And I’m/ we’re feeling thankful (to the God) for that.

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