My blog is Me.


Why do you blog? Why do I blog? That’s the question. I think, I have told the reason in my About page. It took me long before I could decide what my blog will be about. Even, until now I cannot sure what is my blog about. Food with recipes blog? Although I love cooking, it is not as simple as throwing everything I found in the freezer into the wok that I have the rights to claim myself publically as a food blogger. Another question arouse: do I have time to take the ingredients measurement? Take photos of the step-by-step method? Do I really love cooking? Or that is just an excuse because I don’t like doing the other housework, like ironing clothes or mopping the floor. I had to listen my heart, So, the foodie blog had taken away from my mind. What else got my interest? Culture? It can be. My family? Of course. I have a husband, two daughters, one Siberian Husky and one small pomerian (mix). All of them can understand me well and not too demanding. Yes. Even, the dogs. How about if I want to write about our beautiful beaches? Our great temples? As the Bali Island is also known as the Island of Gods. The greenery, those small wonderful animals, like butterflies, praying mantis, little lizard and other not very important but make me interested easily thing. I don’t know what I will see around and what happens in my life. I want to record every thing that makes my life a life.

So, to make it simpler, I decide to blog about everything. A little bit too ambitious. But, this blog will be my life diary for my daughters, about the ups and downs, our struggle to face life trials, like my husband’s prostate cancer, how we all deal with that, how we stand strong by supporting each other. Its name is A Simple Note. Simple because I don’t like writing in a long-confusing way. I prefer short and precise style. And Note is the record of many things.
I express myself through my blog. A Simple Note is me.

Additional Note: I post also a picture of me. As I told you, I express myself through my blog. That’s the clue. I am a bit narcissist. A picture when I became this year Master of Ceremony for the opening of Bali Arts Festival Parade. Please forgive me. I just can’t help it.

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8 thoughts on “My blog is Me.

  1. As different as I am sure we are, you in Bali and I in South Carolina, USA, we share the same feelings and struggles about our blogs. I, too, am still struggling with what my blog’s brand and focus. I like how you described your feelings and admire that you put a stake in the ground to share your life to benefit your family and of course your readers. By the way, your picture is beautiful! And I hope your husband is doing better.


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