Balinese offering. Carefully made.


Some close up photos of Banten Otonan (Otonan offerings), one kind of many many many (right. we have a lot) offerings in Bali. Otonan is the Balinese birthday that is celebrated twice a year because of we use the Balinese calendar with its own counts and rules of bad or good days. The woven thing with its four legs is called tipat pengambiyan, carefully made from woven janur (young coconut leaves) and filled with  raw rice and boiled for about 3-4 hours.


Other offering part of Banten Otonan. Ceper (a square made of janur) and tulung to be loaded with steam rice, fried peanut, roasted shredded coconut, quail eggs, spicy prawn, and cucumber (don’t leave vegetable behind)


Other type of tipat: tipat kelan, diamond shape and always comes 6 of them (one kelan is 6 woven rice bags). Also made of Janur.


Another part of Banten Otonan. Made of steamed rice with all delicious complimentaries and also tipat kukur. Bird like woven rice bags, presented when the one who celebrates otonan is a female/ girl. As birds resemblance to beauty.

Offerings are always included banana, fruits, and cakes, both traditional and modern. As you see, the sunny side up (from mango jelly and milk agar-agar) pudding and marble cake are homemade. When the traditional ones were bought in the market.

We need to be careful to prepare Balinese offerings as it is consisted of many parts that have to be made one by one to create a complete offerings. All food that are presented in a artistic way got blessed then enjoyed by the whole family members.

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