Chicken? What chicken?


A chicken was pecking the ground. See. The black spot near bamboo cluster.

Anything can be funny, even in a situation of be-careful-they-are-our-family-too-so-don’t-say-anything-impolite. Like what I am going to tell in this post. We are living in a compound, like most of the Balinese people in Bali. It makes our nearest neighbours are my husband’s family members, like: the second cousins or the sons of my husband’s father’s cousins. Right. That’s quite long words to explain part of a family tree. In the past, a compound was consisted of houses without any fences. Meanwhile, in this modern days, although, each house and its garden are already separated by fences, but all houses’ gates face a same yard. So, it just like everybody’s outer yard. In my husband’s compound, there are four houses with the same ancestors. And the blood relationship, still creates a reluctant situation when something inconvenient happened.

For months, we have some uninvited guests in our outer yard. A rooster and some chickens. My husband said, they were belong to Alit, one of his family member who is living in the eastern part of the compound. The poultries would scrape the soil for food, and made a mess to our fresh canang sari or the daily flower offering that had just been put on the ground. That was not nice. We started to feel annoyed and I thought, the other family members, too. But, still reluctant to say anything to him. Because of the blood relationship thing. Then, the chicken began to take the top of my car as their private toilet and did their business number one, there. That was very not nice.

After thought about it over and over again. My husband came over Alit’s house and carefully began the conversation.

Husband: I want to talk about the chicken.

Alit: What chicken? (with that I have no idea what are you talking about face).

Husband (started to be confused): You know. the chickens that keep coming to our yard.

Alit (even more confused): I thought they were your chicken.

It seemed that everybody in our compound were upset with the chicken, but was holding back the feeling. For the reason of that be-careful-they-are-our-family-too-so-don’t-say-anything-impolite.

Apparently, those chicken were belong to somebody else, outside our compound. The solution? My husband asked the gardener to catch those chicken. So far, he has caught two and locked them away in a cage. If somebody looked for the chickens, then we could tell them to keep their chicken in their own yard. If nobody came. Well, probably, those chickens would end up as a bowl of warm chicken soup on our dining table.

A frustrating situation that became a funny story to meet DP Prompt: Too Soon?


2 thoughts on “Chicken? What chicken?

    • Hi, Emily. I’m sorry for the belated answer. Unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of them. The rooster had taken back by the owner. Meanwhile the chickens were transformed already into nice warm delicious soup.

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