Cancer. Handle it with care.


The big window that becomes a ‘connection’ between my husband’s room with the balcony.

If we assume cancer like a package that has arrived in our life (and it can’t be refused or sent back to the Sender). It should have come with a notice: Handle With Care. When we knew that my husband got prostate cancer, we took that a bit easily. Thought that by eating cassava (only) it would be cured and apparently, it didn’t work to my husband. When, my husband read a prostate cancer patient has cleaned his cancer cell by drinking sodium bicarbonate and created alkaline/ basic condition in his body. It is said that cancer cell doesn’t like such environment, so it would run away. My husband tried it with a very unpleasant effect in his stomach. He stopped that in 2 weeks. It doesn’t work either to my husband, whereas, he still used the ECCT blanket of DR. Warsito as the alternative act of chemotherapy, it kills the cancer cell with a certain kind of electrical energy.
In the week 5, the blood test shows a lower level of CEA (tumor marker) from 2 to 1,7. The doctor at Edwar Technology (Clinic Cancer Research) said, lower level of CEA indicated the cancer cell does not spread. Meanwhile the USG presents a stagnant condition. For the first month of a cancer therapy, stagnant means good (as the characteristic of cancer cell that keeps multiplying).
In the week 7 of ECCT blanket use, my husband got bruised around his body, some of it small, others big enough as in a golf ball and his gum was bleeding, too. Firstly, the bruise colour is red, then bluish and darkened. His nephew (a doctor) had sent home a medical staff to do a full blood test. One day after, the blood test out and its result: nothing really to worry about (his nephew said), the thrombocyte is 133 when it is recommended 150. I have also contacted the ECCT Monitoring staff, they said, the bruised spots is not the ECCT tool effect and advise my husband to use the blanket 15 minutes a day until he feels much better (when the usual time is 6 hours a day-for my husband’s condition). My husband used it 1,5 hours per day.


Row of plants at the hospital’s balcony as my outside view.

However, in the week 8, my husband condition has dropped almost drastically and the bruised-like become wider. He was so weak, that he made a phone call to his elder brother (also a doctor) to take him to the hospital. So, on Wednesday evening (9th September), we took him to the hospital and spent 10 days there (mostly to bring back his stamina, not to treat his cancer). They did a lot (right, a lot) test to my husband (Thorax CT-Scan, Abdomen USG, Doppler USG, blood tests). Overall, there is no metastasis to the other vital organs. The bruised-like was caused by the broken vein, but nobody knew why the vein was broken as from the test as the radiologist could not find any ‘clog’ that was predicted to be its cause before. Those days, my husband got 4 bags of blood plasma (for his coagulation disorder), 5 bags of blood (his blood type is kind of rare, AB) and many other infused elements. The liquid was infused through his right and left hands. I stayed in the hospital all those 10 days, our family came by to accompany us in turns. In the worse condition, one of my husband’s nephew (the doctor’s younger brother), spent nights in the hospital. He is very close to my husband, many people, thought that he is our son, he really looks alike my husband.


View of the balcony from different angle.

My husband is now at home. He doesn’t want to use the ECCT blanket, so he takes Chinese herbal medicine, 30 capsules per day in adjustment with his cancer stadium. Before coming to the hospital, he didn’t want to drink any supplement stubbornly. But, after he was out, he drinks some of them voluntarily. Sometimes, lesson learnt hard way. Other than the Chinese herbal capsules, my husband also drink fresh juice (pure vegetable and fruit mix) twice a day, boiled white curcuma twice a day, Mangosteen (the queen of fruit) extract three times a day and soy milk.
There were times, when he asked (more to himself), why God gives him cancer, I responded: I don’t why. May be that’s your karma. As well as my karma, to have a husband with cancer. But no matter what, I will always stay beside you. Do everything I can, to make you less painful. But one thing I can’t do. Make you believe you will get better. It is you, the one who should make yourself believe you will get better. Let’s deal with your cancer cell together.

I use the verb ‘deal’ not ‘fight’, because ‘fight’ is more aggressive. Fight always form winner and loser. Meanwhile, in cancer, even when the patient gets better, he/ she will always has the cancer cell in their body. When ‘the seed’ already there, it will always be there. That is why, in cancer there is no term of ‘cured of’, the right term is ‘to survive from cancer’. Someone who gets better from cancer, he/ she is a Survivor.
I keep telling my husband (and myself): Be patient. It is cancer. Not only a cold or regular stomachache that can be cured in a twice or three times pills taken. And this is a very special package that should be Handle with Care.


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  1. Your post is touching. I would add to your “handle with care” advise is “your husband is not his cancer” – advise a friend gave me when I struggled with how to interact with her after a diagnosis of breast cancer. Those who we love that struggle to fight cancer are at their core the same, and stronger, people. I thought this was very good advice.

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