Welcome fruits and vegetables.

Salad for me and husband. Ciabatta pizza for our daughters.

Salad for me and husband. Ciabatta pizza for our daughters.

I like very much eating unhealthy snack. Deep fried ones, tofu, tempe, banana, Indonesian people call them as goreng-gorengan. Any deep fried food. Crunchier is better. But, we all know, how unhealthy it is. That habit should have been cut off a long time ago.

Recently, I break down the bad habit and replace it with a healthier snack, like fruits, edamame, boiled cassava, sweet potato or I make extra fruits or vegetable to accompany the main course.

In our battle to fight my husband prostate cancer, I start (a bit more seriously) to provide healthy snack/ food for my family. I stop our consumption of  red meat. I and my daughters still eat chicken and fishes meanwhile my husband started to be a vegetarian two weeks ago.

An additional way to help cancer patient or patient of any disease to get well other than pay attention to their diet is creating stress-free environment for them. Since, being an adult in this real world is almost impossible to be stress-free, at least, I try to reduce its level. Anytime I have something funny, either told by my colleagues or any where over heard as long as it can tickle my stomach I will repeat it to my husband.

Today, my colleague told me that his staff, Gede went to buy some nails for the dinner ceremony preparation and he came not just with the material but also a story of his communication with the shopkeeper.

Gede: Give me some nails. 1 kilo of 3 cm and 1 kilo of 5 cm.

Shopkeeper: Taken away?

Gede: No. I will just eat that here.

Shopkeeper: …

Joined DP Prompt: Breakdown

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