Hope. Is More Powerful Than Fear (2)

The restaurant where we had mostly spent our breakfast or lunch or dinner.

The restaurant where we had mostly spent our breakfast or lunch or dinner that week in Jakarta.

When we or someone we love is suffering. We will try anything to make thing better.

We woke up very early in the morning. Though, in moment like this, it is almost impossible to sleep sound. Right? Had a simple breakfast (last night Wendy’s chicken and rice). I have to say, we enjoyed our stay at the hotel, but unfortunately they do not provide any food or room service. And went off to Tangerang at 06.00 am, by Blue Bird taxi.

What we had worried was not happened. There was no traffic of mudik (mass homeward-bound journeys) as the Eid Mubarak day was coming in Friday. The taxi ran smoothly on the toll road to Tangerang. Finding the address of the Clinic was quite easy, too. 30 minutes later we arrived already at C-Tech Labs Edwar Technology at Alam Sutera and my husband was the second patient that morning. Someone else from Tegal (Central Java) had been there much earlier (about 04.30 am). I wrote down some basic information of my husband’s condition on papers, gave it to the staff and waited until the open hour 08.30 am. There were many new patients coming later, most of them suffered of breast cancer and one was an old man with prostate cancer.

My husband decided he would have a walk around the shopping complex and I would wait inside the clinic. Then, I met a woman, she was a teacher and got breast cancer. What impressed me is her spirit and optimism. I have learnt so far. Cancer patient should not be depressed or get stressed of their condition otherwise the cancer would be getting worse. She said, this is a life’s trial, we will do our best to face and over come with it. God will bless us. I was all agree with her.

Around 09.30, we entered the doctor’s room, gave him all my husband’s record, including the Bone Scan result. Look. He said. The black spots indicated the cancer has spread to the bones: neck, ribs, pelvis, and back bone. You are still be able to walk, as the cancer cell have not invaded all of your back bone. We do hope, it will not happen because you will use our ECCT tool. Since my husband cancer cell has spread, they gave him a blanket to use 5 nights a week, 6 hours each. The ECCT tool is customised to each patient’s condition, it can be vest, pants, helmet (for brain tumour/ cancer). My husband got a collar too, covering his neck for the night. The doctor told us, when the electrodes in the blanket destructs the multiply process of the cancer cell and make it rotten, the decaying cancer cells will come out of the body through sweat, urine and faeces. That is why, the patient should do a certain diet to enhance their metabolism, like avoiding red meat and most of seafood. They still can eat fishes, white egg, free-range chicken and a lot of fruits and vegetables.

After the consultation, we waited again for the blanket and collar, they had to sew and adjust the devices to suits my husband’s condition. Meanwhile waiting, we see pictures on the wall, revealing cancer patients who gets better after using the ECCT tool. Breast cancer, Brain cancer, and also Prostate cancer. Hope. The pictures send hope to us.

Long story short.

We are in Bali, now. I asked him to have a USG of his lower body this week and again the next month. So, we can see, the progress of this therapy. My husband has used the ECCT blanket 4 times. No smelly sweat yet. Yes. I kiss him. On his neck, chest, shoulder. Not just because I like to do so. But I want to know, the tool’s action. No smelly sweat yet. He said, it does not work for me. I replied, be patient, every one has different reaction to this tool. But, your body is clearly get warmer. It does work. I remind myself, keep him to be optimist, maintain our faith, keep trying and pray to the God.

Next month, we will come to C-Tech Labs, bringing the USG result and I really hope there will be positive improvement to my husband’s condition.

Notice: this post is based on my own opinion. We do not go to the ‘normal’ hospital for cure and treatment for some reasons: we think that chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are very invasive, we (I and my husband) has decided to avoid those procedures as possible as we can. I have lost a sister because of cancer cervix and my husband’s mother passed away because of colon cancer. We have seen the impacts of those procedures. Again. I do not stand against ‘normal’ medical treatment, but we have our own consideration to not choose it.

My husband still eat steam cassava, but now with its white skin, as another information said, the enzyme to cure cancer is in its white skin. As I said, when we or someone we love is suffering. We will  try anything to make thing better.

2 thoughts on “Hope. Is More Powerful Than Fear (2)

  1. I read your story about your husband,,and im can feel your emotions. Im only can pray for you and your husband. I cant imagine if im at your position, you’re a great wife. Semangattttttt ^^

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