Hope. Is More Powerful Than Fear (1)


High buildings are everywhere as if they want to touch the sky. This is a view taken from the restaurant where we had our breakfast a few days ago. It was in fX Sudirman, a shopping mall in South Jakarta. No. I and my husband came to Jakarta not for a holiday nor a honeymoon (later, it twisted into a honeyweek though).
As I had told you about my husband’s prostate cancer, we flew to Jakarta to consult one of the best oncology urologists there, made an appointment and given a schedule for a biopsy, on 22nd July, to make sure what stadium the cancer is. He told my husband also to do a Bone Scan and informed us the 5 hospitals in Indonesia (luckily all in Jakarta) that are capable to do this nuclear imaging procedures. We went to RS Pertamina (hospital) very early in the morning (you know, time when the cleaning staff still doing their stuff), got my husband registered and waited for the official hours.

First my husband was injected with tiny amount of radioactive materials (tracers), then had to wait about 2,5 hours before the scan was done. In the meantime, we had our lunch at a famous Chicken Satay stall near the hospital. People call it sate Pertamina and it was really delicious, tender meat topped with addicted peanut sauce. Too pity, later on, we found that someone with cancer should not eat anything grilled (because it is carcinogenic). Well. It would not be repeated. No satay. No anything grilled.

Test result: the cancer cell has spread to my husband’s pelvis, we could see the black spots on the piece of scan result. The lady doctor said: don’t let cancer consume your energy. Keep positive and have faith that life is in God’s hand. He will help you to find a way in fighting the cancer. She must have met many cancer patients. That she can see how cancer frightened us, threaten to grab our beloved one from our life. I just nodded and took the scan file. My husband said: I’m dying. I replied: No. You don’t. We will go to Guangzhou-China to fight the cancer. We will do anything to make you better. We. Will. Do. Anything. To. Make. You. Better.

One day after, was our time to go home (Bali). However, when we arrived at the airport, we saw a chaos and found the Mount Raung (East Java) had erupted and impacted some airports, included Ngurah Rai International Airport. All flights to Bali and Lombok were cancelled. I re-scheduled our Garuda flight to Sunday, 12th July. Then, called my brother who lived in Jakarta, but at that time was in Bali. Tell me what hotel that is located near a Shopping Mall. You know, we have to do something here, otherwise, this cancer thing will influence us. So, he told us to go to fX Sudirman. There is a hotel inside a Shopping Mall and it is located also near other two major Shopping Malls: Plaza Senayan and Senayan City.

So, we stayed there. I found the Mall was fulfilled with many restaurants, food and snack stalls, and has a supermarket on the ground floor. On our first night, I woke up around 2 pm, wanted to go to the bathroom and couldn’t back to sleep. As usual, I browsed the internet using iPad, anything about cancer. Food for cancer patient, treatment for cancer, medicine…until I found some websites with article about ECCT (Electrical Capacitive Cancer Treatment) invented by a scientist from Indonesia: DR. Warsito P. Taruno. He is not a doctor, he got his bachelor and master degrees in Chemical Engineering and his PhD in Electrical Engineering in Shizuoka University, Japan. He invented his tools firstly in 2010, because he wanted to help her sister who suffered from breast cancer stadium IV. His sister wore the electrical jacket for a month and became much better. She continued to wear it and in the end of 2011, she decided to stop checking to her doctor, as she convinced that she was clear of cancer cell already.

In some websites about DR. Warsito invention, I read when cancer cell multiplies, they produces an electric current, and ECCT basically, destruct the electric current of cancer cells so that they can not multiply themselves and slowly died.

After I read a lot of information about the ECCT, there is a hope deep inside that my husband can get better without experiencing the destroying procedures of chemo or radiation or surgery. As we were still in Jakarta and Tangerang is pretty near from the city, I thought, we would go there. That morning, when I saw the colourful lights in Sudirman street from our glass window. I felt a big hope that we would find a therapy to cure my husband prostate cancer. Hope that is more powerful than fear of giving up in the battle of fighting cancer. Hope. Act. And Pray. Yes. That is exactly what we are going to do.

This post will be continued. About our journey to get the ECCT tool.


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