Keep An Even Keel

We all have things we need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours?


Keep an even keel. When I read that idiom, I absolutely had no idea what did it mean. Actually, it is about how to keep something in a steady state. In this situation, let’s say my mind.

I don’t really like do routine (read: things that have to be done regularly). I don’t talk about having meals. This is about my working stuff. Right. Working. Stuff. Sometimes, the tense cannot be skipped. That burden my mind, caused a headache and lead to unexpalainable tiredness. You will need to do something to keep an even keel. See. I even use that new idiom into a sentence!

On weekend, I usually cooking. Simple food, and use electronic devices as much as possible. Like, making bread, I will not knead the dough, I will just put all ingredients to the Bread Maker, let them work for about an hour and half before I shape and bake them. And me? I’ll do other thing, like blogging or bathing the dogs.

Even, cooking or blogging or reading books or watching Fox Premium or searching recipes can get me bored. Thanks to the internet, we can learn anything we want without putting my lipstick on or spending any of my beloved money. Recently, I am learning how to crochet. Yes. Crochet. In three weeks I have finished a simple scarf, white and very soft as I use milky cotton thread to make it. For the entire of my life, this is the first time I use a hook to create a fabric piece from threads. I kind of enjoy the activity. Feel the soft thread in my finger, counting, losing counting. I know, my scarf is faraway from perfect but I can see from the piece, practicing makes my work better. The middle to ending part is much better than the beginning. That’s a process. A process that switch my brain mode from tense to relax and fun. I love the feeling to learn something new, it helps me to keep an even keel.


2 thoughts on “Keep An Even Keel

  1. Crocheting is fun. Your scarf looks much better than the first one I ever made. It was hideous. But, I made it, so…
    I do it occasionally. Nothing too elaborate. I’m not that advanced. I know that basic stitches and can do granny squares.

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