Do You See What I See?

I took this picture a couple weeks ago. When we were visiting my hometown in Gianyar regency, about an hour to the east. As we were waiting for the time for prayer, I and my younger daughter Amy, walked around the family temple (merajan) and saw some twisted tree trunk in the yard surround.

Image 5

I know. It is a very common twisted tree style. How about this? Perhaps, Mother Nature wanted to create something unusual to amaze us. At least. Me.

Do you see what I see?

The twisted trunk looks like a face. As if someone is hugging the tree. Hugging the tree and climbing it. Or it is just me. Sometimes I like to dramatise thing. Especially when I see a climbing-human-face-like twisted tree.

Note: I took the pictures using Amy’s new iPod, a present from her nephew for her 10th birthday. She lent it to me reluctantly with a reminder: be careful Ibu. Otherwise, you’ll break my gadget (!). Sound familiar. A saying of me whenever I see them touching my stuff. :).

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