Decision on MiniMaca


I’ve made a major decision few months ago. Using almost all of my money saving, I try to run MiniMaca (a mini mart and café). That the fact I am a language graduate and work already as a civil servant What those facts actually do to my new ambition? What past experience has influenced that big choice?  Any reasons I finally have the nerve to run someplace selling food and drink. Simple. I love cooking and even more love eating. And I know, most people enjoy having an adventure in culinary, too. Although I can’t be in charge full time at MiniMaca, I’ll visit it regularly about 4 or more times a week as my driving home route pass the street of MiniMaca’s location. It is at Jalan Pacar (Pacar street), Denpasar, Bali. Like, kills two birds with one stone.


This location is surrounded with schools (both private and public) and also universities. Then, my past experience tells me (I’m using present tense, since it still and regularly influence me much. Experience. Mine or Others), when I was a student I don’t have much money pocket, then cheap but delicious snack will suit me. That’s why prices at MiniMaca are around IDR 10.000 (about US$ 1) up to 25.000 (about US$ 2,5). So, if you buy fried rice (nasi goreng) and iced tea (es teh), you don’t have to dig much into your pocket, it is all for IDR 16.000 (about US$ 1,6).
Other clues to make a decision, such as whether the food is nice or not, by visual experience. I mean, we will look at the customer’s glass or plate, if it is swept cleanly, it is delicious but if it isn’t, we have to improve the taste. In living this competitive world, both past and new experiences help me to make major decision.

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