Nightmares and Daymares

I usually sleep soundly. That I don’t dream. Let alone having a nightmare. But I do have daymare (if that kind of word exists) that don’t involve any sharp teeth, white pale face or bulging eyes. My daymare happened a few days ago when I got a phone call like this: Me: Hello? Caller: Have you known that you have been assigned as the interpreter today? Me: No, I don’t. Caller: Don’t worry. The program will be started at 09.00. I looked at my watch. It was 08.45. I was not worrying. I was having a daymare. For someone who speaks two languages and coincidentally also a translator or interpreter. I sure you got the idea of my daymare. That you have to render a subject from one language to another. With no preparation. At all. What will the technical terms the guests use? On economy? Infrastructure? Tourism? Environment? Emergency Response?…. Moreover, I have to speak in front of other people, Indonesia to English or vice versa, doing the consecutive interpreting with their eyes stares at me, all the time, waiting words I burst out. I can tell you. It is not fun at all. Want to know what is also not fun? Someone told me to speak/ interpret at the same time of the foreign speaker did. To save time, he said. That’s simultaneous interpreting, I told him. I can do that if we have already preparation. Like, I have got the speech that will be delivered and read aloud the target language in the same time with the source. At least 1 or 2 days before. Not 15 minutes before the guest arrive. He looked at my puzzling, but you’re a postgraduate in English translation…I replied: I am, but I can’t read their mind. He still looked at me startled. I was suspicious he had the thought…didn’t they teach you how to that?


Another my nightmare: I can’t write anything interesting after my achievement as the first winner of long story hosted by Femina Magazine in 2004 (Samsara: Suatu Kelahiran Kembali/Samsara: a reincarnation). Really. I almost don’t write anything challenged for 11 years. Well. Nightmares or daymares. The only way to deal with it, is to face it. Posted to meet the dp prompt challenge: Nightmares


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