Bali Intricate Carving

Intricate: what does it mean to you? Show us your interpretation.

These pictures were taken at the Ulundanu Beratan temple some time ago. Showing the detailed Balinese carvings around the place.


Two beautiful angels to beautify pillars of bale (building) that is located at the outer yard of the temple.


Picture of two angels are taken from below. It is done in detailed. Gold painted with some hint of brilliant colours. It is graceful. Though it is me who said that. I can’t help it. It is graceful.


Meanwhile this carving presents the symbol of 9 (nine) Gods rules the 9 (nine) wind direction. Painted in gold and brilliant colour.


And their holly weapons.


The traditional Balinese carver. Painted the ornament patiently. Bit by bit. Part by part.


This is the whole bale. Tourists are allowed to enter the temple just at the outer yard. Still they can admire the intricate Balinese carvings.

13 thoughts on “Bali Intricate Carving

  1. this is the things how i really miss bali.
    the culture, the warm smile of balinese people.
    i never wonder why i have such a big feeling about Bali.
    falling in love with this island even before i move from Jakarta to Bali.
    it’s such a pure love even i always try to go away from Bali like now for my future, but Bali always there, in the deep of my heart.
    Even i am a christian, i always miss the temple with the beautiful carving, the women dressed with kebaya, and the man with the sarong.

    Bali is paradies, yes it is. Magical place i call home.
    Maybe someday i wonder too meet ibu, the one who write this such a beautiful article.


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  4. Great photos. But it’s kind of like photographing the Grand Canyon…you can never quite capture the awesome essence of it. I wasn’t going to go to Bali this summer, but after reading this, I’m tempted.


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