Ulun Danu Beratan: The Afloat Temple in Bali


Ulun Danu Beratan temple is in the edge of Beratan Lake, Bedugul area, Tabanan regency. About 56 km (or 3 hours) from Denpasar city. This temple is one of some famous temples in Bali and popular with the name of Lake or Water Temple because it looks like floating when the lake water level is high. It is dedicated to the God Almighty in His manifestation as Tri Murti: Brahma the Creator, Wisnu the Preserver, and Ciwa the Destroyer.


An afloat traditional boat in the lake Beratan.


Two dragons in a small temple as place for malukat (purification).


Two dedari (angels) at the entrance of the temple. Based on the ancient manuscript of Mengwi Kingdom, Ulun Danu temple is said to be built before the saka year 1556 by I Gusti Putu Agung, the king of Mengwi Kingdom. The exact year was not known. However, it is believed after the king had built this temple, his kingdom became more prosperous.

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