EF#13: Walking between Corn Farm and Beach

As I have said in my previous post about my exercise or sport. I prefer walking than any other sports exist in this world. I don’t really like sports, but every human should do sports to stay healthy. Don’t you agree? Walking is kind of relaxing muscle movement for me (a lazy person, who has no choice but doing sports). With a special requirement: walking at Padang Galak beach, in Denpasar city. If I am lucky, I can find very fresh fishes that just caught from the sea. Or if I’m not. Still I enjoy my sport by seeing this kind of view.


Beach I said. How come it is a green view shown to you. Calm down.ย That is in the west side of walking/ running path. Meanwhile in the east side. The blue sea and sky with row of ships landed brought their fresh fish for sale. Many people do their sports here. So, it must be a good selling for the fishermen.


I prefer walking here. Because, the beautiful view is a plus for me to do my sports. I am healthy both physically and mentally. Well, at least that is what I hope for.

Here. I give you one more photo to make you understand why I love my walking sports done here, along the walking path of Padang Galak beach. Luscious corn farm with a silhouette of Batur mount in the north of Bali island.


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