Indonesian Popular Food: Nasi Goreng


You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

It’s the easiest daily prompt challenge. Really. And I know, I am going to enjoy every word I am typing. What comes to my head instantly is Nasi Goreng, the most popular Indonesian food abroad and very easy to make. Here, in Indonesia, you can find Nasi Goreng from street seller to five-star hotel with variation taste and price. As the basic ingredients is rice, with its bland taste, rice is nicely mixed with whatever foods you can find in your fridge to make a breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. Yes. Seriously. Nasi Goreng suits all those eating-time.

Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice) is one dish that I can make with five ingredients (foods). Even in a private island, as long as they provide me a wok and other tools for cooking. To make my favourite, I will need rice (of course…what else we need to have Fried Rice?), ham, shrimp, squid and tomatoes. The last food is counted to make me less guilty, eating only artery clogging foods.

First, stir-fry chopped 2 shallots, when it is already soft, toss 1 clove of crushed-chopped garlic. Stir it until fragrant, and then cook shrimp, squid and ham. Toss 1 portion of rice, season with salt and pepper. Don’t forget to give it a drizzle of kecap (thick Indonesian soy sauce) that will bring a little sweetness and the Indonesian taste to the food.  Mix in the rice and other ingredients.

You can have Nasi Goreng on its own or if you feel generous, add some shrimp and squid tempura. It is still the same ingredients and still counted as 5 foods. So, it doesn’t break the rule of this DP Prompt Challenge: Five a Day.


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