I Love You. You Complete Me.

Take a quote from your favourite movie-there’s a title of your post. Now write!

A quote from Jerry Maguire movie, starred by Tom Cruise. I like kind of short but meaningful sentence like the above title.

It is an open letter to someone I love. Sorry. But he is my husband. I love the way he is listening to me…or at least he is pretending to listen to me. Because talking about my problem, ease my burdened day. Since, my husband doesn’t really like talking, the job becomes even easier for him. Talking over a cup of tea or coffee or afternoon snack. Me. Talking. And him. Listening. Unless when he is watching MotoGP or F1. And I think, he loves my ramblings, too. As when I get upset, I will not saying any single word. That is a clue. Silent house means something is on fire. See. My rambling suits his listening.

For that reason, my husband. I Love You. You Complete Me.

Daily Prompt: Silver Screen


One thought on “I Love You. You Complete Me.

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