Daily Prompt: Proud

When was the last time someone told you they were proud of you?

I don’t hear the words of I am proud of you a lot from someone else. May be the pride is expressed in different form or words. But, I like to praise myself when I think, I have done something nice or good. Weird? Not really. We need to do that, as it will help to strengthen ourselves confidence. Agree?

The last time I did that was 2 days ago. The cook of my new maca, said he couldn’t continue working since he wanted to get his degree in Law! When my niece asked me, either we will close the maca or not. I decided not to. Not just because we have invited families and friends to come. But, closing our business after some days opened, is-not-good. So, I would be the cook for that weekend. It happened last Saturday.

It was my first time to cook professionally for many people. Would I be able to do it? Would they like my cooking? The show must go on. At 12.00 pm I have already arrived at maca, went straight to the kitchen and prepared everything. Preparation is important! Cut vegetables, sliced meat, boiled the noodles (I cooked noodles made from cassava), uncommon ingredient in Bali and we have it sent from Jogjakarta. People started coming, made order, ate, had drink and chatted.

In short words, they enjoyed my food! I saw their empty plate and they even made take home order.

I cooked from 12.00 pm to 18.00 pm. It was a tough job, you know. I am not a professional cook, I am a civil servant with linguistic as my education background. Cooking is my hobby as side effect of the other hobby, eating.

But, that Saturday night, when my niece closed the rolling door. I silently appraise and told myself: I am proud for what you have done, Indah.

I haven’t got a new cook. But, our maca still opens for the drinks and snack. In case you want to enjoy a cozy afternoon with a sip or two of mojito or margarita. Please come to Mini Maca. You are more than welcomed! :).

Another moment when I had a chance to be proud of myself.

Daily Prompt: Proud

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