A (New) Special Place: Mini Maca


Dear Decision Maker,

I am writing to you to tell how special this place meaning to me. It was a house, the back part of my father’s house precisely, separated by a brick wall from the street. A star fruit tree is there where my old Kintamani dog buried under. The tree survived from being abandoned and still produces yellow sweet juicy fruit. Since the house structure is a bit too long for a small family, my father decided to divide the building and its land into two. One part as a house and the other part to be rented. I grabbed the opportunity right away. I spoke to my father that I and my niece will make use of it. So, we transform it into a maca (mart and café).


The mart will sell refreshment, meanwhile, the café will provide some meals and drinks. We painted it with yellow as symbol of prosperity, then my niece, her boyfriend, her sister and friends make some murals on the walls. See, this place was started with togetherness. And friendship. Those young souls are burdened with creativity and fresh ideas. They changed the old and boring place into beautiful and cozy place. And me? Choosing menu, find the right recipe and pick the right person to be the cook. For the café, a cook is its heart, that people will come to our place to enjoy his masterpiece. I found one with a passion to his job.


What about the star fruit? We preserve this beautiful creature, not just for O2 provider, but it gives beautiful aura and view to our maca. It will be operated in a few days. But I have already fell in love and know this place will bring fun and friendship to people.

I. Hope. You. Understand.

Posted for DP Prompt: Do or Die


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