Easy Fix on Saturday Morning


I did not have exercise for weeks. Speed walking on the treadmill clearly made me boring, as I had to stare at the blank yellowish wall with hung calendar. Nothing was moved, no view to entertain me, not even the digital number of kilometers on the board that seemed to be very slow to change. I became intimidated. By the walls. The calendar. Especially, the numbers.

I decided to do something different. That involved exercise, with views, a lot of wonderful views and something to buy. I am a woman. Buying something makes me feel useful. Yes. That we are. Or at least, it is just me.

I joined my husband taking our daughters to their swimming school today (it’s Saturday). After dropped them at Tirta Ayu pool. We went to Padang Galak, parked the car and walked along the beach.


Some traditional fishing boats just landed, loaded with caught fishes in the net. Small, silvery and delicious fish. We called it Tamban, anchovy it is for the Westerners. I bought a full bag of it. Very full of it. For only IDR 10.000 (less then $1). But, still, it made me feel useful. After put the fish in the car, I continued my walking along the beach, caught up my husband and we walked until we reached the next beach, called Matahari Terbit (Sunrise beach). This is the location of small port to cross over the sea and go to Nusa Penida Island. But, we did not have any intention of going to Nusa Penida. Because, if we did. Who would picked up our daughters from the swimming school?


So, we walked back. Did the same as we had. Walking. Staring the mount Agung in the far east. Looking at the landed fishing boats. People who bought the fish. I said to my husband: half of Denpasar people will have fried Tamban for their side meal today. As if.


By 08.30, we all went home. I was happy. I did my exercise, bought some fresh Tamban right from the fishing boat to deep fried for brunch, took some beautiful photos for the blog. And all was right in the world.


5 thoughts on “Easy Fix on Saturday Morning

  1. Perfect last sentence! Wow, your horizon is idyllic. We have had frost and cold bitter winds in London for about a month now!! They say Spring kicks in after February lol! Wishing you a beautiful new year to you and your family.

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