Suli Flowers and Liebster Award

Fresh and bright red Suli flowers from my garden.

Fresh and bright red Suli flowers from my garden.


A post to respond my nice blogger friends who has been very kind to pass me this legendary Liebster Award. EmilyWax and Paco. This Suli flower represents my apology for this very belated respond. :). Meanwhile, for the other Awards. I promise, I will make it for you ASAP.

I have to provide 11 facts about me, here you are:

1. No matter what time I go to sleep, I always get up at 04.30. Even on weekend!

2. I know that instant noodle is not healthy, but I love it.

4. I love eating snack.

5. I am not really fond of doing exercise.

6. As the result of poin 5 and 6: I put on weight easily.

7. I love cooking, a reason that I don’t have to do the other house’s works.

8. I don’t like numbers. Those figures intimidate me easily.

9. Sometimes I buy different cooking tools with same functions. Yes. Wasting money and crowd my little kitchen only.

10. I feel annoyed when I see words or structures of Indonesian language that are not written well by an Indonesian. Where’s your respect?

11. Reading Japanese comics, Kobo Chan and Kariage Kun is my activity to avoid an emotional state of ‘being stressed’.

These are the question from Emily:

Who is your favourite literary character? James Herriot. I have all books written by this great vet.
Who is your weird crush? Superman. I was in love with this guy back to the 80-s. Super-man. What more can describe that phrase?
In which period in history would you have most liked to have lived? 80-s. I was a little girl at that time. My responsibilities were just: eat much, sleep well and enough playing.
What could you not live without? The weather…and sun.
What is your porn star name? Secsee Mee
What is your best feature? My lips. At least that is comes first on my mind.
What would you have for your last supper? Rice with Lawar (Balinese mixed vegetable with minced meat).
Who was your first love? My mother. I do still love my mother until now.
Which song is your getting ready to go out song? Indonesia Raya (the Indonesian anthem)
What is your favourite smell? Smell of soil and grass that were washed by rain. It is called ngit in the Balinese language.
What would your Archvillain name be? Windy woman. Sometimes, the wind can be helping, on the other time, it can be very destructive.

These are questions from Wax:

What made you smile today? Knowing the fact today is weekend.
Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? Backstreet Boys.
What’s the soundtrack of your life? You’re Beautiful of James Blunt. Because my name: Indah is a translation of beautiful. :).
What movie made you cry? As Good As It Gets
What’s your favorite fruit? Mango. Why? It is juicy, has brilliant colour, delicious, and free since I have two mango trees at my gardens.
Who’s your childhood or teenage celebrity crush? Superman.
What do you value most? Honesty.
What do you want others to learn from your blog? The Bali culture from a local perspective. That’s me.
Where do you want to travel next (or first)? England. I have already learning its language for ages, but haven’t got the chance to visit this kingdom.
What is the most challenging goal in your bucket list? Writing a novel.
Before you die, who do you want to kiss? My daughters.

These are questions from Paco:

1. How many languages do you speak? 3, the Balinese, Indonesian and English.

2. What language would you like to learn and why? French. I had learnt French for 2 years, decades ago.

3. Say a word that remind you “happiness”. Smile

4. What scared you when you were a child. Rangda. An evil spirit symbol in Bali.

5. Are you happy? I am.

6. Why do you blog? I love writing, being published for free and making friends from around the world.

7. What’s your relation with music? I love listening music. Can lift up my down mood.

8. Apart from your wonderful blogging, what other abilities have you got? Cooking delicious fried rice from scratch.

9. If you were King/ Queen of the world, what would you do first? Select my private celebrity chief.

10. Who or what has taught you the most in life? Experiences and mistakes of live, both mine and others.

Those 11 nominees blogger friends are:

1. Onlinebizinfofree

2. lenouveaublog2014’s Blog

3. Serenasheraj

4. Snippets of Suri

5. bunny slippers

6. Pak Dave In Bali

7. BlogEmala

8. Aisha’s Oasis

9. Thinking Languages!

10. Let There be Peace on Earth

11. The Uncustomary Housewife

My questions for you:

1. Dog or Cat? Why?

2. Why do you blogging?

3. What is your most wonderful time for the past decade?

4. What is your principle quotes of live?

5. Where did you work for the first time?

6. Do you love your job/ what you are doing today?

7. Where is your most frequently visited vacation place?

8. Which one do you choose: sour or hot?

9. What is your favourite breakfast?

10. Not sleeping well or not eating well? Your reason.

11. What is your favourite snack back to your childhood?


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