Cover Art: Pulagembal Offering Book


A Cover Art for a book of Learning Making Balinese Offering (someday…I wish). These are parts of Balinese offering. Much looks like play dough, but it is made from glutinous, rice flour and warm water mixture with five colour combination (black, red, green, yellow, white as the panca warna = five colour). The whole part (many, many of them are called as Pulegembal) is a symbol of this universal world. The first picture is Sarad, consist of a male and female sitting in a cart that is pulled by a black horse and five colourful grass.


A picture from left side, showing detail of other small parts of Sarad.


Meanwhile, this one is called Penganggo (free translated means what you wear) represents people’s need in the world. You can see its details from up taken picture. The small animal is not a horse, it is a dog guard. Or guard dog? How is the English structure for noun + noun?



This picture is Taman or Garden. It is symbol of plants and flowers we have in this world. It has also a black dog guard. Or black guard dog? Sometimes, I found myself disoriented.


Someday, I wish. I will write this book. Completed with pictures and explanations of how to make Pulagembal. As part of Balinese offering. As part of Balinese culture. Rich of symbols. Arts. And beauties.


Talking about beauties. They are started from these five colourful dough mixture. I have to tell my readers about that, too. Right? :). I have uploaded some pictures, but I will choose the first as my Cover Art for Daily Post Photo Challenge.


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