The Butterfly Effect

IMG_2523 I think everything is connected. About three years ago, I was assigned to the Tourism Department of Bali province. I made friend with someone who was clearly a collector of Jepun (frangipani) flower. She gave me some stems that I brought home and planted it around my garden. That maroon Jepun where the butterfly rested was one of the other 5 kinds. 20141024-031015-11415465.jpg I was assigned there for 5 months only and called back to my previous office. But the stems grows well. Adopted easily to the soil of my garden. After a year, it began to produce buds that transform easily into exotic flowers. These two pictures were taken at different time. The second one was shot six months after the first when it was in its best performance. Healthy green leaves and luscious maroon petals. But, I am sure, the one left flower in the first picture is not less interesting. It has a wonderful butterfly on it. Landing calmly and proudly on the Jepun petals as if it did want to be shot and admired by me who was taking the picture using iPad. Since I got these pictures in my files, I had reasons to meet the Weekly Writing Challenge: Butterfly Effect. I would probably not posting if I was not assigned to the Tourism Department about three years ago. A connection of my office assignment with blogging. It is started with me receiving the assignment decree, moved to the new office, made friend there, got Jepun stems, planted them, it began producing flowers, the flowers had attracted wonderful butterfly, I shot it. Although I moved back to the previous office. But the story still went on that three years later, the Daily Post challenged me with a topic of Butterfly Effect! What is more coincidental than that? A lot more. This a universal world. I know. I just like dramatizing thing.
Anyway. As I said. For me, everything is connected.

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